I am looking for a Magick Mentor

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Crow Clan
new here
new here
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You are...: in the learning process
Male/Female: Male
Number of Spirits: 99
Spelled Number: 5000
Your favorite spirit to work with: Hag
If I could be anything, I would be...: Me
My super power would be...: Ability to shape-shift

Adair Lasair Bán wrote: Wed Jan 24, 2024 7:41 pm @Crow Clan the PM system is currently disabled for all members.
No worries! It will all work out okay. Thanks for the heads-up. Much appreciated.
Recommended Reading:
Magic of the Future (Karl Welz)

Advanced Magick for Beginners (Alan Chapman)

Both Available in PDF download at Internet Archive.

Magic of the North Gate: Powers of the Land, the Stones and the Ancients (Josephine McCarthy)

Available PDF for download from quareia/text (.com)
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