Chowoki Experiences?

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Hi Everyone,

I just got my Chowoki's vessel in the mail yesterday. They are supposed to be dream/astral guides. Here are my experiences so far and I'll share more as they come up. I would be interested to hear any of your experiences with them as well. They don't seem to be very popular yet but I'm already getting the sense that mine will be a very fun spirit.

Last night I went to sleep with H's vessel in my hand. I think I may have had two dreams with him but the first one I forgot. The second one, right before I woke up, he appeared as a purple candle and the smoke above it after it had just been snuffed out. He said my name and then I woke up.

Earlier today I had a little nap and I had this weird dream and right before I started interacting with some people in the dream this really tall skinny guy with long arms and legs walks buy. He walked a few feet in front of me and I could basically see up to his neck but not his face. He was dressed in red and black... it reminded me of one of the Incredibles uniforms. He didn't say anything to me, just walked by. I'm pretty good at just reading energy signatures so that's why I'm pretty sure it was him. I'm also getting the sense that he might have a sense of humor an may end up acting as sort of a Where's Waldo in my dreams.

That's all I have so far but things are off to a good start. If you have any experiences with them please share and if you know what kinds of offerings they like I would be curious about that as well. Maybe the purple candle was a hint though.
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Thank you for sharing your experiences with your Chowoki.
I just purchased a CC of a Chowoki. I enjoy working with dreams and astral travel, and a Chowoki seemed like a great companion to bring along . I'll update my experience with mine if I can.
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