Japanese Haunted Spirited Items; Sukumogami

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Nightrunner404 wrote: Mon Feb 19, 2024 7:22 pm This reminds me of the Night at the Museum movies. I imagine many items in museums probably have attached spirits/energies. I have not been to a history museum since starting down this path of spirit keeping. It might be an interesting experience to revisit one.
Well the movies had to get inspiration from somewhere, right? I would recommend a trip to a history museum you do end up looking at things in a different light.
I think most of them should have entries on the yokai website, some have CH encyclopedia entries as well.
That's where I've started reading about the yokai you mentioned, I will have the books eventually.
I knew the word tanuki since childhood because of mario games and the tanuki suit. I never really understood what it was until I got into the folklore of japan and yokai.
It's amusing how different and sometimes seemingly mundane things can peak our interest so that curiosity pushes us into finding out more information.
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Thank you so much for posting this very interesting thread! I love Japanese culture and legends!!
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