Everyone needs inner child work

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I use my pendulum to go back to a specific time and forgive that hurtful moment. My past is filled with trauma that I have been working hard on recovering from. It took many years to get the health care system to listen and when they finally did, I recovered well and could finally keep a job.

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i agree that everyone needs to heal our inner child. it's so unfortunate that we are not taught how to do so, and sometimes we have to heal the injuries that we are not at fault at all incurred from our childhood.

although i'm taking counselling and psychology course now, i'm still unprepared to heal myself, albeit i might be ahead of some due to my knowledge and spiritual work. however, healing it is not like walking in a candyland. it's real hard work, and the willingness to be vulnerable to our pain, not mentioning opening up the wounds to heal it properly.

for my studies, i have to read up a lot on trauma studies, and inner child work, and i got triggered so badly that my suicidal thoughts returned, which unfortunately was triggered mainly by a family member, that i spent the whole night containing myself from hurting myself. a spirit came in a kitten form calmed me, and helped me sleep. i don't want to imagine what would happen if i cannot contain myself any longer.

i intend to work more on my inner child healing after my studies. for now, i'm doing simple meditation hugging my inner child, and listen to my inner self.

i feel that spiritual version of therapy helps me better. perhaps that's because my environment is so toxic or rather individualistic that the people in my environment don't understand what i was going through that i felt the spiritual facilitators were able to facilitate the sessions with more compassion and understanding. however, i'm noticing such facilitators were diminishing. many i met now were not able to hold the space for people with such traumatic injury. therefore, need to be careful with any spiritual services now.

speaking of characteristics, don't be surprised that many counsellors/therapists are not trained to handle trauma cases. therefore, it is important to seek one that is either specialised in trauma or can hold the space for such healing. trauma cases is very heavy, and will take a long time to heal.

postgraduate in counselling need clients for their practicum/internship. try searching for these postgraduates to get a free or minimal paid sessions.

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Vipera aspis atra wrote: Tue Mar 05, 2024 12:11 pm It doesn't matter who you are or what path you are on. Everyone needs to pay attention to the inner child.
Consider what you loved and were drawn to in childhood, but also what hurt you, and what shaped you. You know what it is. That time is the most important time of your existence, it tells the most. It may be painful, it may be wonderful. That is the key to greater reception to the spiritual realm. Realize, recognize, and confront the child self.

If you wish to share anything about your inner child here, please do as it can help others as well. Let this be a designated safe space for the inner child healing, revelation and input.
Can confirm. It's a big thing in the circles I run in to address and heal the hurts that we're all carrying... also, shadow-work is vital for healing and becoming a whole, integrated person.

I know from doing the internal work that my child self is often upset and hurt from a fair amount of traumatic events (which I will not go into detail about.) And a life of bullying and neglect has me a bit sensitive about certain things.

That said, pairing this with shadow work has me realizing that our inner mind is a rather interesting tapestry. Events that shape us, how we react to those events, how we feel about how we reacted, etc. It's like dominoes. You tip one over and it knocks others over and so on and so on. I do understand why so many people are averse to actually doing the hard work of truly healing... it's unpleasant, it's not fun, it usually leaves you feeling worse than when you started (because you'd be uncovering all those traumatic events that shaped you.)

For this I generally recommend mundane healing methods like cognitive behavioural therapy. It's not fun, but it is effective if you stick with it. I don't generally recommend calling on spiritual allies to heal you of this because they can't do the heavy lifting for you. (Basically, you have to put in the work yourself.)

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