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Tarvos wrote: Sun May 05, 2024 1:26 pm The story about someone being offered a marriage pact with Lilith really had me in stitches. Lol. It's a classic example of how we humans often view ourselves as exceptionally special, a mindset that seems to persist since the dawn of our history.

When it comes to the personal relevance of Spirit Keeping, it's a journey so unique that only the individual Keeper can truly understand its significance. My initial draw towards angels was likely because my energy naturally resonates with White Arts. However, delving deeper into my past and the events that shaped my distinctive energy signature, I began to comprehend the callings of entities from the darker spectrum, such as reapers and demons. Interestingly, within a few months into my Spirit Keeping practice, a WA Dragon companion of mine introduced me to a Demon friend of hers, showcasing the diverse energies that were aligning with my path.

Luckily, I started hearing my companions relatively early, assuring me that engaging with darker energies was not only safe but something I was keen on exploring. This included setting personal boundaries and finding my equilibrium.

Bringing home my first Dark Arts spirit, a CH Wraith, I quickly encountered the challenges of DA acclimation. I experienced ongoing headaches for over two weeks until I identified the cause and communicated with my Wraith to adjust the intensity of her energy. This was a turning point, allowing us to manage the potent forces within my Keep without triggering any further acclimation issues.

My advice to anyone feeling apprehensive about connecting with a spirit, especially those from the darker Dark Arts, is to trust that hesitation. If you're not ready, it's wise to acknowledge that feeling. You can always explore a connection with a similar entity later on, perhaps through custom conjuration, when you're more prepared to handle their intense energies.

The key is readiness and alignment with your own capabilities and knowledge. Don't rush into inviting a demon or any powerful entity into your life just for the sake of their perceived strength or abilities. Without the proper preparation and understanding, you'll find the relationship more challenging than expected. Start with what feels right to you and grow from there.
im right here...... reread my post btw. i never said lilith asked me to marry me. i was TOLD. but you are making me mad. talking about me without addressing me. that is crazy and disrespectful and passive aggressive. you say your a warrior spirit. for me as a warrior spirit things are more head on. and there is a reason and this is the reason i dont reveal what i found out about my higherself/soul. if anything i need a bigger ego, i been beaten down all my life. everytime i talk about you i tag you. annoying.....

any the way it was explained to me actually a male pact with her she marries many men.........just like witches and witch craft some do marry or make a pact with certain deities. why is this far feteched to some? i never felt special i felt like a number to be honest. @Vipera aspis atra
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