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If you have any information your customers need to know like shipping updates, website changes, eBay notifications, etc. then this is the right area to let everyone know!
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Hi everyone. I've noted this in my shop thread already but to ensure all clients and would-be clients see this am making a formal announcement here.

I've closed shop to the community again and for good. I will only be servicing my private circle of clientele into the future.

Everyone who purchased from me recently is still having their work completed, I am actively in touch with you via email, and if you need info from the site I can forward that via email - as site links are now defunct. However, my work for you all is nearly complete so this is not going to make much of a difference.

If you're a follower of my work and know how to privately get in touch already, or are in contact from previous purchases, then there's a chance you'll be offered the opportunity to partake of my services again. If not, I'm afraid that's where the road ends as I am not making any alternative contact available here.

As I continue to consolidate these things change. Thanks for understanding and be well!

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