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As I've said in one or two other posts here, when I want some assistance with prosperity I usually go to or at least include the fair folk in my family in those requests. I don't do it often, and almost always only when I could truly benefit from it or use it for something important. I have a particular vessel with many prosperity spells which I use on my own, but in my "offering jar" of pretty stones for the faeries I include one small pebble with a wealth spell on it and, after it showed up as a freebie on another order, a tiny Aztec-style bead with a spell binding of "Erase Debt" on it. That spell isn't the focus of my offering to them per-se, it's just one thing I include when offering to them to "use whenever", so to speak. In that way I let them take the wheel on its use. In the year since getting that freebie and incorporating it into my practice that way, I ended up clearing a few thousand dollars of medical debt much more quickly than I had expected thanks to a few small boons. Needless to say I was quite happy with the results both of my own work and the spell's!

Then, 3 months ago it disappeared.

My sister had moved in with me and instead of having to pay bills on my own, I now had a bit of excess every month. I made more than I needed and even indulged a bit. One day in February I opened the jar for an offering to them and the Aztec bead was simply gone. I keep careful track of each stone in their jar. Even the smallest non-spelled item is precious to me as I know it is to them. I meticulously checked my carpet for it. I used my "Find Lost Items" spell to try and find it, and it actually failed! At that point, I knew for sure that its disappearance was meant to be. It had served its purpose, and I no longer needed it. I'd thought about making a thread here just to document the event, but decided against it. Just another weave in my basket. Everybody doesn't have to hear about every one of mine. I continued to offer to the faeries as usual, at peace with the events.

Yesterday, while visiting my Mom for Mother's Day I volunteered to pick up a very major necessary expenditure on her behalf. A 1600 dollar expenditure. Absolutely not trivial, but I am blessed with good credit and a good income. I could handle it, and this would remove a major source of stress from her life. It's worth it for that reason. Only now does it occur to me that I was wearing my faery's shared vessel during the visit. Not that they wouldn't have learned about it anyways, but what happened tonight makes even more sense with that context. I'd found a massive "fairy knot" on the floor. That's how they tell me they want an offering. So I was a good little keeper and did what a good little keeper does! I open up the jar and gently pour the stones onto their platter. No, it's missing something.... fairy dust! Really, just a thimble-sized vial of glitter with an adorable tiny cork stopper. I got it at a local ren fair just a few weeks ago. 5 bucks, too cute to skip over. I sprinkle two thumbfuls over the plate as well in a dramatic motion.

I set down the vial back in my desk where I keep offering items, and there it is. Not just it, but neatly sealed in the labeled plastic baggie it came in. "Erase Debt" on the label, and the order number it came in (written by myself for documentation purposes, of course). But I just write it down to take a picture. After doing that I always throw the baggie away. Yet here it is, sealed up like the day I got it. So, that's back in the jar, and tonight's offering. I know for sure now that it was not a mistake to volunteer taking on that debt for Mom. I keep meticulous track of all my vessels, but I know not to be surprised if the bead disappears again. It is welcome to do its job and take a vacation when it wants. But it's not the bead doing the lost-and-found. It was them.

A gift for a gift, my friends.
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