Left ear signals - Warnings

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I totally agree with you on this point of explanation ... although it's not my thread. :) But I do have noticed mine long time ago, about my so called ringing ear syndrome.

My experience and my understanding is exactly the same, resonating with your knowledge here @Lewk. Although, your knowledge experience comes through different channels and lifelong meditations.

I am sure, although I correspond it with my musically wired mind ... and extremely responsive sound resonances that I can hear in my mind before a musical instrument even plays that note or before I have sang a note out right, I could hear it in my head ... Indeed it's very spiritual, internal depth of core sound wirings that brings us to be aware of ourselves via our 'brain noise'.

But it's far more then that ... and yes, I guess our spirit companions can chime in and even enhance it for telepathic communication as we tune on their energy. We connect with our instruments to theirs then make our symphony ;) ... I am really thinking out load here as I am replying.

In my experience, although I don't meditate, I have been in places that I can say it's Holy and I have came away with total rejuvenation while I was asleep in my bed .... Only remembering the beautiful chime that was still ringing in my ears as I was waking up in the morning...wishing that I could have stayed longer ... and its serenity, stamped it's presence on my entire day - weeks absorbed into my energy.

Where did I go...? I haven't a clue. But I was somewhere sacred, a sanctuary that was peaceful and resonated with my inner depth within my core. As it did its work on me, I felt renewed and alive and healthy over again and again ... As this is going on for me through my life... according to my physical, soul and spirit needs.

Lewk wrote: Thu Jun 06, 2024 12:14 am
charles.kulvet wrote: Tue Jun 04, 2024 11:38 am Hi
Lets assume its spiritual sensing, and not medical notions like Tinnitus

So what do you guys think?

The book Law of One says left ear is contact from service-to-self entities, right service to others. Some youtubers say both can be positive or negative, depending on pitch. Others say left pertains to physical realm, right--higher realms.
Many experiences with a paranormal aspect may never be fully pinned own satisfactorily but I'd like to throw my own general take into the mix, in the hope it'll either be of interest or of use.

First, I suspect there's no one, objective, always true statement of reality to the effect that certain types of spirit/incorporeal being only make sounds at the left ear if they're a certain type, or at the right ear if they're a different type and so on.

That sounds like a way of thinking that someone or some school of thought has adopted, based on ideas about left & right. (Maybe things like passive & active, receptive & outgoing, good & bad, pairs like that come into such thinking. Then: what if they're self serving? Which ear would they present to?)

Unless a spirit conforms to such ideas themselves, why would they choose to affect hearing in such a formally defined way?

And what about tricksters? What would stop them affecting the opposite ear, to fool you - if that is a supposed Law?

So my starting point is an assumption that there's no such universal law. I think spirit companions can choose which ear they trigger sounds at.

However what about us?

I'll just make a few comments on sounds etc, based on my own experience & understanding.

I see sounds as events in our neurological system, just as things that are seen are. Internal sounds have apparently been known to humans for many thousands of years. From what I've learned & read, ancient Indian yogis developed techniques to listen internally. Sounds they heard & described included: the thrumming of the blood, which sounds like drumming; a high pitched ringing, singing sound; bells; flutes; conches.

I was taught a technique to do this over 50 years ago, when I was 21. I've heard all of those sounds in meditation. At first I was taught to listen at my right ear. Later the technique was updated & we were encouraged to just listen, with ears closed - not at any particular ear.

I''ve heard that internal music even while awake & going about my business for about 50 years now, even when I was young & definitely did not suffer from tinnitus. Later in my life, ie not too long ago, I became aware of age related hearing loss. Now, if I go for a hearing test I can't easily distinguish the test tones from the familiar internal music/noise.

We all lose some of the higher frequencies when still young, eg late teens. When someone does an inner sounds meditation, the brain fills in those frequencies & the meditator hears them, although the sensitive cilia in the ear corresponding to that frequency have died off. I can appreciate how ancient yogis were fascinated to hear internal music and thought of it as divine. But I now realise what's happening neurologically.

Still...such sounds do accompany changes in energetic frequencies around or affecting us. So it's entirely normal, in my view, to hear sounds when spirits are with us. It has been reported a number of time by Forum members, for a start.

tl/dr: Hearing tones due to paranormal influences is common & by no means a new thing. However the reason for hearing tones at one ear or another is, in my opinion, quite likely to be down to the person doing the hearing. Their own neurological set up, which I suspect can be affected by mental attitudes, conscious or subconscious. As well as by our own energetic system.

Finally, it's often worth reminding ourselves that - even as psychics, magicians, spirit keepers - we still have physical bodies. We still have neurological systems. That's how we see, hear, feel, taste.

It has been said here many times before: it's never a bad idea to have medical symptoms checked out by a medical professional, even if there's a paranormal thing going on too.

Paranormally, healing & cleansing of the aura/energy system plus centering & grounding may be helpful, too.
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I never noticed it being one ear?
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