The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

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The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Postby creepyhollows » Mon Feb 01, 2010 3:44 pm

These are amazing. I've seen a few documentaries on these and they still amaze me every time I see them... (as much as my beloved Easter Island heads :inlove:)

There are hundreds of perfectly-formed, stone spheres in Costa Rica... where did they come from and why?

Unfortunately our ancestors did not find the amazing spheres at all amazing or perhaps they would not have allowed them to be destroyed and used during different applications from menial labor to military training.

But for the stones who survived these are standing testament to a great, unsolved mystery. Who made these stones perfectly round & why?

The stones are smooth, showing they were sanded down to their soft surface which begs the question who did it and why? Experts believe that to achieve a perfect surface, not to mention a perfect diameter for each stone, would involve the use of some mechanical device. But mechanical devices were not readily available in the time period these stones were made.

To further the complication of the mystery the stones are made of granite which is not readily available in the location of the stones, which means the granite had to be hauled to the location where it would be rounded & sanded... or the stones were made in the granite location and then rolled to their endpoint, but if they were rolled wouldn't they show signs of it?

If the granite was hauled that means the granite would have to be significantly larger than its end product and the largest stone is 16 tons, and there are hundreds of stones.

Investigating further the stones are not even mentioned in local legends or local, creationary stories. The local tribes make no claims their ancestors made the stones which begs the question, if the locals have nothing to do with the stones then who does? Who made them? Why? Where did they come from?

The local tribes embraced the stones as a gift from god and used them in gravesites.

More stones have been found to be buried in a river delta of mud embedded in the floor of the jungle. Where did they come from? Are they coming out of the Earth or is the mud a tomb for more stones that had been created & displayed by an ancient, extinct culture?

So many questions and so few answers for a country filled with symmetrical, smooth, polished stones of unknown origin.

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Re: The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Postby crone maatkaere » Mon Feb 01, 2010 4:07 pm

magnolia, thanks for a great thread! these stone spheres are a treasure and i've seen the various documentaries and have watched with awe over thinking of the people who either first placed the spheres where they are or found them. perhaps it is me but i have noticed that a lot of people just do not have the love or wonder of ancient things as many of us may. were the spheres destroyed out of ignorance or simply due to a thought that they serve no purpose? who knows? i'm one of those who see an ancient artifact and my fingers just begin itching to just want to touch it and see if i can connect with the wonder of whatever civilization built or placed them. the easter island heads have also long been a favorite of mine since early childhood when my mother taught me all about the ancient wonders our earth contains. i remember her showing me the heads in a photo she had taken herself and thinking "wow, they look like they're coming up from the earth protecting their land". i think i was 5 or 6 at the time. mom showed me the great wall, the taj mahal, told me about the great lighthouse and library at alexandria and i told her all about the rulers of the egyptian 18th dynasty from dreams and visions. mom was great and very open about how each wonder was built and she never questioned that a higher civilization didn't have a hand in placing everything where they are. she also would sit for hours telling me about this wonderfully beautiful place that i could visualize from her words surrounded by water everywhere - a place she told me was named atlantis, and how it had sent out ships to every part of the known world with physicists, mathematicians, scientists, physicians, artists, sculptors, writers, just to make sure that intelligent civilization continued.

so magnolia, thanks for allowing me a bit of time remembering mom. :) :hug: arsine

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Re: The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica

Postby shunrick » Sun Sep 30, 2012 3:44 pm

it is been believe that our ancestors have great intelligence that we even don't know. some tell that they get it from extraterrestrial peoples.but its still a mystery that where do they learn these advance technology.


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