If you are an Intelligent Christian

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Re: If you are an Intelligent Christian

Postby Huffette » Mon Apr 28, 2014 11:47 pm

Likes2Read wrote:
Huffette wrote:
Bunni wrote:To add..

I feel it is actually crippling, to close oneself off to other beliefs. One can learn a great deal from all types of belief systems, if they are open enough to it. Especially the ones they feel they particularly don't resonate with. It merely takes a humble head, a desire to learn, and a compassionate disposition.

Man kind can't evolve if they remain closed to other people's view points and beliefs, especially if they are only focused on proving who is "right" and who is "wrong" when it comes to religion.

I agree. Just because GOD doesn't answer our every whim does not mean he does not exist. The problem with the starving children theory is that the parents do not control the births or try to find other means of supporting them. My take on what I listened to is that he is closed minded and looking for an argument.

A true Christian shows humility and compassion, as that is what we are taught. We are taught that he will answer prayer, but you must believe in him first.

As for the amputees, or bodies are just not equipped with the ability to regrow lost limbs. We have not yet perfected stem cell research. Thus far, that is limited to the cold blooded animals, who can cool down their core body temperature in order to regrow the lost limb.

Not to mention, sometimes, the answer to prayers is... US. Sometimes, WE are the ones who are getting tapped on the shoulder by God, the Universe, Source, or what have you, and we are being called to take the action(s) that will help to solve a problem. No one of us can fix every problem, but each of us can fix SOME problems, and when we do, that is the answer to someone's prayers.

And I really do believe that it's 'no accident that we are granted our own unique combination of personality, interests, and capabilities, and we're born in the specific time and place that we are. I think it's specifically because there are things on this earth that we are meant to do, and we will do those things like no other person. And when we do those things in the way that Only We Can Do Them, we'll spot the solution that no one else saw, or we'll defuse a conflict like no one else could have done... and if THAT isn't the way that prayers get answered, I don't know what is.

I'm inclined to believe that there's Someone Up There whose infinite hand is guiding us toward those solution-making opportunities, and in doing so, sending answers to those prayers. I'm not going to wallop everyone over the head with the idea, but that's definitely my take on things.

That guiding hand gives us battles to make us who he or she wants us to be. That is his way of molding us to take us to where we need to be.

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