Magnolia how about a moderated debate section? - VOTE NOW!!!

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Should we have a moderated debate section?

Total votes: 39

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Re: Magnolia how about a moderated debate section? - VOTE NOW!!!

Post by Ashino Tsume roshi »

From Wise Alex up to this post, ... No arguement.

But to add: I think a debate about debate is just fine. Currently, this debate has showered all of us with good ideas, and ways of thinking. Hooray! This has been the first entirely successful debate. If we were in a hotel with a bar, I would buy drinks for all. We did it guys & gals! We win.

"Ultimately, all knowledge is flawed, but the apparent correctness of any thought is relative to the environment from whence it came." J. Christner, December 2004

The vote no longer matters, whatever we decide to do will work. (And this is the essence of "Socratic Being"...) Eternal Vigilance is what protects "Socratic Being" and protects its availability.


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