Ilmu Khodam

Discussion of specific races of djinn.
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Re: Ilmu Khodam

Postby ElvenPrincess » Wed May 07, 2014 3:06 am

mystickstar wrote:My Khodam (I will call him "Q") arrived almost 2 weeks ago. He is my first spirit. I haven't told anyone about him so I'm really grateful for this site where I can share my experiences and read about all of yours! I haven't done an official bonding ritual yet - I just haven't had the peace and alone time to do it - but I feel I have definitely made some connection with him.

The very first night he arrived, I dreamed that I picked up Limestone and Tiger's Eye and I am not certain if Q wanted me to have them, or if he wanted me to get them for him. I put some Tiger's Eye in his pouch for him, but I haven't yet been able to find Limestone. I think I may try getting some from a landscaping company. After that, it was about four or so days before I connected with him again in my dreams. On this evening, I lit candles and incense (I used one that arrived with my Khodam). That definitely helped, I believe! I woke in the middle of the night after having dreamed the word "Ifrit" while holding Q's vessel. I wrote it down and went back to sleep. That same night, I also felt this strange vibration (kind of a jell-o like feeling - the way it flowed) from my right knee down to my toes - a feeling I have never felt before.

The next day, I looked up Ifrit... did Q just want me to know about them? I was confused. After all, I had a Khodam... which I thought was an entity all on it's own. Thanks to a WONDERFUL post on this site, I learned that Khodam was more of a way of life (if that is the right term for a spirit?), much like a monk or a nun, and that any spirit can choose the path of a Khodam. So now I know - my spirit is an Ifrit who has chosen to become a Khodam. To be honest, I'm not certain I would have chosen him (with the little knowledge I have on these spirits) if I knew he were an Ifrit. I think I would have felt I was not ready to own a spirit that is known to be a bit mischievous... not as my first spirit, anyway. But I know that Q chose me, as much as I chose him, and it was meant to be.

The other night, he spoke to me again and I wrote down "Book of healing"... And that's all. I don't know what it means. Is this a book I should be reading? Do any of you have any ideas what that might be?

I just want to say again how happy I am to be able to talk about these things. My husband is very close-minded and doesn't believe in these sort of things. He's a "I'll-believe-it-when-I-see-it" kind of person and would never understand. For something that feels so much a part of who I am, I keep it hidden. For now, anyway.

Thank you for letting me share my experiences with you.


Sorry to jump into this thread, but I'm trying to learn more about Ilmu Khodam entities. I've read that they are all White Arts (WA). Do you know if that's true? Or are some darker in nature? It's interesting that yours was leading you to a Book of Healing because I've been working with a seller on a custom conjure for an entity or spirit who has been trying to come through to me. I wasn't sure what kind of spirit he was, and I told the seller that he had very strong healing abilities, and some other descriptors that were coming to me telepathically. She said she thought he might be an Ilmu Khodam. Have you had further experiences with yours since you wrote this post? Thanks in advance for any response/input! 8)|*

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Re: Ilmu Khodam

Postby kindred » Mon Jul 07, 2014 11:03 am

Bumping :)

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Re: Ilmu Khodam

Postby Enlightened » Sun Dec 07, 2014 8:22 pm

bumping again haha.

but i think they are grey arts. Someone correct me if I'm wrong

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Re: Ilmu Khodam

Postby RaevenWolf » Wed May 08, 2019 6:37 pm

I have a female khodam. Not knowing her actual race. I wasnt sure what khodam was. Glad to read i can find out her race! Thank you

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