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Postby creepyhollows » Mon Feb 21, 2011 3:52 pm

We allow any sellers who desire to advertise to do so here, and any sellers who want to sell on the Marketplace can do so, which includes any forum members or non-forum members. We're happy to do so & give them the space here & on the Marketplace to do it for free... it's a courtesy because we believe in diversity & building the paranormal community in many facets. It's not an implied warranty or guarantee of any kind from Creepy Hollows. Any issues experienced should be addressed with the original seller first because they are the ones who performed the service or provided the product and no one can give you better advice than they can, and they should have the first opportunity to do so. If it involves the Marketplace then we can help mediate any issues experienced with purchasing, posting items, or contact with the buyer/seller, but it's not any guarantee of the product or service from CH.

Because we do not have any influence, responsibility, or authority to know how other sellers conduct their business, interact with their clients, ship their packages, answer their emails, or run any aspect of their business at all, we cannot endorse, be an affiliate to, or otherwise provide any guarantee to the sellers on eBay, standalone websites, or the Marketplace who advertise their services/items purchased or considered on the forum or the Marketplace.

For all the reasons outlined above we do not offer affiliation programs or services for any sellers anywhere.

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