Paranormal Collecting 101

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Re: Paranormal Collecting 101

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I love this topic-can anyone share their experiences? I was re-reading the very first post, well the things that were mentioned like old photography & old door knobs, well the antique store next to me sells a lot of that, the photos I am guessing turn of the 19th & 20th century so I am betting most of them are at least 100 years old, I am wondering if any of them may be death photography, plus some of the photos are in old photo albums, I wonder because when I picked up some of them I felt a sense of mourning that seems to be attached to it! The door knobs I had seen there kind of gives off the feeling of a don't even think about it feeling when I was considering of getting one! The apartment building I live in I was told it was the carriage house to the apartment building in the front-so yes, that was why I was checking out the doorknobs at the antique shop, to see if something may have popped out to me but like I mentioned, I got the feeling of the don't even think about it so I didn't buy one!

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