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Protection Article

Postby Lampropeltis » Sat Aug 06, 2011 12:20 am

Well, I've been working on this for some time. Hope you find it handy. :)

Attacks by spirits or entities are uncommon, but so are muggings in big cities. Many people can go many years or a lifetime without trouble, but not everyone is so fortunate. There is a tendency for some in the paranormal community to believe that everything in the spiritual realm is light and love. This is the primary experience for many, but taken as a law, it denies the experience of those who have been or worse, who currently are neck deep in trouble, neglecting them when they need support most.

It is similarly unwise to jump at shadows, and believe a demon to live at every corner. Someone who believes themselves harassed, will need to eliminate simple bad luck, electrical frequencies, neurological or chemical imbalances, human pranksters, ambient negative energy and self-created thoughtforms as potential causes. Attack by malign spirits can appeal to the dramatic to gain sympathy, so it is also important that it isn't misdiagnosed for this reason as well.

This article looks into various remedies and forms of defense. No one thing on here is a cure-all, but multiple things applied at once can prove excellent deterrents and eventually send most malign beings packing. Using multiple tactics at once is advisable so that their various strengths are complimented and their weaknesses are compensated for. All of these techniques are straightforward enough for a determined beginner in magic to practice, and many of them are appropriate for someone who can not practice magic due to their belief system.

It is human nature to be highly adaptable and while usually a terrific advantage, this marvelous adaptability can also lead to accepting horrible situations as normal and not doing much about them. So if you are in a situation where you find this article necessary, please know that you are by far, your most important resource. You absolutely must be active in your own defense and welfare. If you forfeit the fight, and only go through half-hearted motions of defense for the purpose of proving it doesn’t work, it will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and no actions, including the helpful actions of highly capable practitioners will see you through.

If you are reading this on behalf of someone else, it is necessary that they actively participate in their own defense and be empowered by their own actions. Someone who is attacked over a long time period, usually has a damaged energy field which can affect them emotionally, mentally and physically. In this case, helpful actions towards the other person are like a band aid to stop bleeding and block infection, but participating in their own defense and healing is the job of the other person, and absolutely must come from them. Among the defensive options listed, are sure to be multiple options agreeable to their belief system and comfort zone.

Natural and passive magic Remedies:

Description: Exposure to sunlight is a traditional means of strengthening the aura because sunlight often disrupts blockages. Day and night have different natural energies. While night is the traditional time that things go bump in the night, things can go bump in the day too, but they’re rarely in their element when they do. Sunlight can also cause interference and disrupt some etheric patterns and forms of energy.
Duration: Short term. Sun exposure to boost your energy field can be maintained for however long you deem safe and healthy for your skin.
Effectiveness: Moderate.
Advantages: Sunrise.
Disadvantages: Sunset. While daytime may lessen it, it is no guarantee of a lack of paranormal activity. Some forms of magic are best performed at night, as sunlight can prove disruptive. And please remember sunscreen!
Notes: If you need to do something bold or dumb with the paranormal (that does not require sensitive or night-oriented forms of magic), daytime is probably the wisest time to do so. At absolute least, you won’t be conditioned to jump at shadows by horror movies, and you’ll be able to see what you’re doing!

Description: Salt is a staple ingredient not only in cooking, but in many protective techniques, and has been since ancient times.
Duration: Low to Medium
Effectiveness: Low to Medium
Advantages: Salt is simple to acquire, and very uncomplicated to work with.
Disadvantages: None.
Notes: Salt is a traditional ingredient in many purifying baths or washes. And another use, is to sprinkle salt or salt water around a room or house, with emphasis on all the doors and windows to act as a preventative measure.

Description: Garlic is a herb used from ancient times for protective qualities, and is good both in cooking, and decoratively displayed.
Duration: Short Term eaten, Medium duration displayed.
Effectiveness: Low
Advantages: In modest quantities Garlic is tasty, healthy, and enjoyable.
Disadvantages: Dosages high enough to actively repel malign beings will also repel everyone else and can be irritating to the stomach. Decorative garlic that is poorly kept, past due and dusty, can be detrimental to the energy of a place.
Notes: Garlic is best used in modest quantities as a culinary treat, or as a stopgap measure in emergencies.

Description: When White Vinegar is placed in a dish and set out in the open, the fumes disrupt etheric patterns.
Duration: Short Term.
Effectiveness: Low
Advantages: This is a simple technique specifically for when the energy of a room feels thick or heavy.
Disadvantages: This is useful to break up heavy energy, but remains a supplemental technique only. Letting vinegar air, can obviously cause an area to smell like vinegar.
Notes: Vinegar is often used as the base for various washes and tinctures in which protective herbs are steeped.

Description: Many stones are known to have protective qualities. Jet is one of my favorites, Natural untreated Citrine is another, and others swear by Obsidian, Selenite, Black Tourmaline, and many others. Different stones are compatible with different people. While not a stone, Copper is an ore with protective and cleansing qualities. Pennies minted in 1981 or before, are an excellent source, though are best cleansed before use, due to the energetic grunge that money acquires when passed through thousands of hands.
Duration: Long term with maintenance.
Effectiveness: Low but steady. Stones can be of medium effectiveness if well gridded.
Advantages: Easily accessible, versatile, and excellent duration and effectiveness for the cost and effort invested.
Disadvantages: Often requires charging, cleansing and maintenance. Some learning curve involved for most effective application.
Notes: Some vouch for a grid constructed of a piece of Obsidian placed in each corner of a room, with a piece of Natural Citrine or Selenite nearby to boost and cleanse the energy. Other forms of gridding with various stones can also be used.
Multiple stones not mentioned here have protective qualities. It must be noted that many semi-precious stones can be found for between one to five dollars so if you’re new to purchasing stones, don’t get too excited when someone plays the semi-precious gem card, and be sure to look around a bit.

Enchanted, Blessed or Spelled Items
Description: Items with blessings or protective spells can be purchased from multiple reputable practitioners, and even a beginner can charge an item with a positive intention
Duration: Long Term
Effectiveness: Low to Medium. High effectiveness is possible, but extremely rare.
Advantages: There is little time investment (when purchased) and there are multiple choices depending on someones path.
Disadvantages: There is a serious risk of a false sense of security, and dependence on items. And unlike humans who are versatile and can adapt and improve, items are relatively static, only very rarely improving over time. They require some care, and poorly made items can dissipate over time. Items are a great supplement, but unwise to rely on.
Notes: An extremely simple means of instilling an item with positive, protective energy, is by incorporating the item into practices linked to positive, protective energy. For example, a Rosary or Prayer Beads (of any tradition/religion) when used, get instilled with the energy of the prayers over time as a simple side effect of their use.

Description: Orgonite has a colorful history and has been attributed with everything from remarkable health claims, effects on the weather, and warding off evil alien lizards. While much is debatable, it is typically agreed that small pieces of modern Orgonite (a mix of polyester resin, and metal shavings with one to several quartz crystals added in) can safely and reliably clean and charge ambient energy in a living space, and give malign beings a difficult time.
Duration: Long Term
Effectiveness: Low to Medium. Its greatest effect is found in locations with stagnant or negative energy.
Advantages: Orgonite is a modest investment for an excellent long term effect. It is safe and easy for beginners while more experienced practitioners still have room to refine and hone its use. It is a good option for those uncomfortable with practicing magic.
Disadvantages: Making your own involves a learning curve and potentially more financial expense than simply buying it, while ordering online may get Orgonite of a different consistency or quality than desired. Despite some claims that Orgonite can be planted and forgotten, it does best when it receives some energetic TLC every several months, such as running it under cool water, smudging it, or performing a blessing agreeable with your belief system.
Notes: If you choose to make your own and are using any notable level of copper in the mix, you will need to add half again as much catalyst to the resin so that it cures properly. So instead of the recommended 10 drops, you would need 15. Casting of Polyester Resin must be done in a well ventilated area. The consistency of the metal is important. Metal dust mixed in closely will be too compact and energy will not move through it, while large chunks of metal with spaces in between will not provide a dynamic cleaning action. If sweepings from machine shops are in short supply, metal scouring pads may be used. If you can keep happy ambient energy around the resin while it cures, this will enhance the Orgonite's effectiveness. It is interesting to dowse the energy field of the Orgonite as it cures, to measure how it grows.

Active Ordinary and Magical Remedies:

Energetic Good Habits
Description:While it is very possible to get in trouble without doing anything wrong, making careless mistakes when working energy is a surefire way to draw trouble. Forging good energetic habits is essential for safety, peace of mind, and a good foundation for more complex energetic work.
Duration: Long Term
Effectiveness: High.
Advantages: As described above.
Disadvantages: None.
Notes: Keep your aura cleansed. Keep your living quarters cleansed. Stay aware of your emotions and mindset, as some beings can adversely affect it. Remain aware of your limits. Ground and shield on a daily basis. Memorize various protective techniques. And for heavens sake, cast a circle or at an absolute minimum, shield before doing any spells, energy work or using any communication devices!

Knowing what and who you’re dealing with.
Description: When you encounter something paranormal that may or may not be friendly, figuring out exactly what you’re dealing with, is essential in order to figure out the most appropriate response.
Duration: As needed.
Effectiveness: High.
Advantages: Figuring out how to respond can prevent a sticky situation from escalating.
Disadvantages: In figuring out what you’re dealing with, inflexibly sticking to one scenario despite getting new information, is an unfortunate pitfall.
Notes: There are multiple classes of beings that can cause alarm. This is an extremely rudimentary list, but will at least, get you started.
1. Active, Friendly or Neutral Beings: Shades, sparks, odd noises, a general ‘presence’ and other manifestations are signs of paranormal activity, but aren’t necessarily a sign of anything being malign or wrong. If there’s no indicator of something being unfriendly, it’s possible that nothing needs to be done.
2. Tricksters and Parasites: These beings, while not particularly dangerous, are the most common source of annoyance. Living humans have massive amounts of energy, and paired with our common near-blindness to other realms and often overly-trusting or careless nature, we make great targets for lightweight troublemakers. Unfriendly vibes, senseless or malign answers on an unshielded pendulum, low or ‘off’ personal energy, irrational heebie jeebies at night, etc, may all be indicators of lightweight troublemakers. Thankfully, even a determined beginner who consistently applies protective techniques, can persuade most tricksters to go elsewhere. Lightweight.
3. Dark or Troubled Beings: Humans who died under unfortunate circumstances, and some Dark Arts beings can be alarming, but while protective measures may be needed, such beings are sometimes open to respectful negotiation, and humans who died in distress are often open to healing energy. It is unwise to yield to unreasonable demands, but sometimes dialogue can work in circumstances where a fight would cause escalation. If negotiation is impossible, then active protective measures can be taken. A determined beginner can often take care of matters, but assistance by more experienced practitioners couldn’t hurt. Middleweight.
4. Black Art Entities: Black Art Entities are mercifully rare, and most normal humans will never encounter one. The most beginner-friendly technique for dealing with something like this, is to not deal with this. Prevention, as described in multiple places in this article, is key. If prevention fails, expect no quarter, ask no quarter, and apply everything you know which might be effective and if not, will at least reduce damage and buy you a little time, in which you can get help. Sudden severe plummets in mood, nearly physical pressure on the neck and shoulders, nausea, heaviness in the lungs (all without medical explanation, insert classic ‘see a doctor’ disclaimer here) particularly foul smells with no physical source, and an overwhelming sense of malice could be potential indicators of something being severely amiss. Some things operate under specific laws and for anyone unfortunate enough to encounter one, it is wise to emphasize to the being that it is unwelcome, forbidden, and has no permission for its actions. It is to be noted that such a being is capable of jumping from person to person, and will aim to do the most damage for the least amount of effort, so while it’s unwise to isolate yourself, it is also inadvisable to bring the energetically vulnerable or emotionally unstable into such a situation. Heavyweight.

Ignoring the Problem
Description: As described, this commonly recommended technique is simply a matter of ignoring a pesky being.
Duration: Low to Medium Duration. If it proves insufficient, more active measures should be taken.
Effectiveness: Counterproductive to Moderate.
Advantages: Ignoring a pesky spirit takes very little energy, and if the spirit is of an intelligent type, not particularly malign, and just looking for a good reaction, (in other words the spirit-equivalent of a forum troll) a lack of reaction could be sufficient to send the being searching for greener pastures. And if the spirit is a kind that wants an emotional reaction to feed energy from, a lack of reaction will be a deterrent there as well.
Disadvantages: If the spirit is more determined than a mild pest, ignoring the spirit may require the composure of a Saint, which few have. Any bullied child will tell you how difficult and useless this tactic can be, and any behaviorist will tell you how enthusiastically sentient beings respond when they try a behavior several times without effect, and then are rewarded seemingly at random with a fun reaction. So keeping a stiff upper lip for some time then finally cracking, may make matters worse. Also, if a spirit is of a simple type that messes with energy fields for its own benefit or feeding, ignoring the spirit is as useful as leaning on a hot stove and ignoring that burning smell…
Notes: While ignoring a spirit is often more useless than not, the saying ‘Do Not Feed the (forum) Trolls’ applies to the spirit realm, especially as some spirits consider dramatic reactions great fun. A more efficient and pragmatic technique than ignoring the problem, would be to calmly act in ways that make the costs of pestering you outweigh the benefits.

The Right Attitude
Description: Courage, confidence, thoughtful action, a sense of humor, the capability of balancing with one foot in the paranormal world and one foot in the everyday ordinary world, common sense, and many other merits, as well as acknowledgement of and compensation for your weak points, will lean confrontations in your favor.
Duration: Lifelong, hopefully.
Effectiveness: This is the foundation on which all other techniques stand.
Advantages: Cultivating the right attitude will positively affect all facets of your life.
Disadvantages: None, though finding what the ‘right attitude’ means for you, can take a lifetime of trial and error. For all its merit, it is only rarely a stand-alone technique.
Notes: Fear is a powerful and raw emotion that some spirits feed on. So while fear is very understandable when confronted with a thing going bump in the night, it is counterproductive, and panic is even moreso. If you find that courage, fierceness or acting unflappable is unattainable from where you stand, whistling in the dark, making goofball wisecracks, defending yourself on behalf of someone you love, or permitting fear to galvanize you into appropriate actions, are more than passable substitutes. Books on non-magical defense or wilderness survival stories sometimes describe the right attitude in depth.

Flying Under the Radar
Description: An ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. Remaining unnoticed by nasty beings, means not having to deal with them.
Duration: Lifelong, hopefully.
Effectiveness: Exceedingly high when successful.
Advantages: The merits of this technique are pretty much a no-brainer.
Disadvantages: This requires some trial and error, potential mindset/lifestyle changes, and can potentially lead to a false sense of security in some circumstances.
Notes: For average people, keeping ones aura well-mended and finding ways to keep it well-shielded yet un-interesting looking, is adequate to persuade many potential troublemakers to look for easier prey.
Poorly controlled Black-Art beings will look for whatever way they can to cause harm to anyone on their radar. So while there are extremely legitimate reasons to work with the Black Arts, if you have a friend who works with these beings merely to stroke their ego, or a desire for power or an image of badassery, it may be to your benefit to step back and treat them as you would a friend who works with pipe bombs for the same reasons. And if you are that friend, I would recommend taking a look at your friends and loved ones, assessing the risk and potential of collateral damage, and acting to minimize that risk.
Lastly, there are some people who from whatever misfortune, appear to have a huge ‘kick me’ sign on their back, and are targeted by every trickster and unbound jerk for miles. There is a four step process to remove this ‘sign’. First, learn to fight, via various protective techniques so that you can drive off anything that pesters you and get some breathing room. Second, heal, so that any injuries, be they of aura, mind or emotion, will be mended enough to not attract things looking for easy prey. Third, learn not to fight. This sounds illogical, especially to someone accustomed to tooth and nail battles that come to them. But look around. Most people don’t have that kind of trouble. Being attacked unprovoked is an unnatural state of being. And expecting trouble with either a ‘Poor me! Why???’ or a ‘Bring it on!!!’ attitude, while very understandable, is one of the best ways to draw trouble, which only perpetuates the cycle. If you’re in this situation, sidestepping out of the mindset will be one of the most extraordinarily difficult and ridiculously simple things you’ll ever accomplish. The metaphor of steady dry shore on one side, cool deep water on the other, and dividing the two, a twenty-foot stretch of breaking waves which will bash you relentlessly, was the metaphor that helped me (though I don’t know how it will work for others). Yes, you’ll have a great chance to work on your crane stance, but it’s much more prudent to head for sea, or shore. Step four, enjoy your newfound peace and quiet, but don’t rest on your laurels. Maintain good energetic habits.

Description: To take a bath in which protective herbs have been added to the water, can help mend, cleanse and strengthen the aura, and ease stress on multiple levels. It also imparts the herbs protective properties to the bather. The concept is similar to a teabag in hot water, but reversed, with the water doing the steeping and the bather receiving the properties of the herbs.
Duration: Short Term
Effectiveness: Low to Medium
Advantages: Refreshing, Straightforward, and simple to apply.
Disadvantages: Herbs must be acquired beforehand, and the effect is short-term.
Notes: It is common in some traditions, to bathe before commencing magical work. If the climate allows, it is also common to air dry, so that any residue of the herb left on the skin, remains. The properties of herbs must be researched, and any toxicity of herbs or potential for allergies must be watched out for. Rosemary, Sage and Bay Leaves are easily accessible, with protective properties and reasonably mild oils. Salt is also sometimes added to protective baths. In some traditions, the bather scrubs away from them to be rid of something, and towards them to draw something.

Description: Smudging is the act of burning a fragrant herb with protective, cleansing or blessing properties such as White Sage in order to clean the energetic atmosphere of an area. There are multiple ways to do it.
Duration: Short to Medium Term
Effectiveness: Low to Medium. Practices that get into every nook and cranny and usher negativity and malign spirits out the door are typically more effective than ones that rely on the ambient effect of the herb smoke.
Advantages: Reasonably simple for a beginner. Classic and reasonably reliable at removing negative ambient energy.
Disadvantages: Smudging is not a cureall as sometimes promoted. Some people are sensitive to scents and smoke.
Notes: This will not harm friendly spirits, merely make the energy of your area incompatible with the unfriendly ones.

House Cleaning
Description: Simple housework is a surprisingly effective way of cleaning the ambient energy of a living area and making it inhospitable for malign beings. This works in several ways. First, your living atmosphere affects you and how you act. If it’s grungy, or if it’s even a simple matter of that one chair out of the set creaking and annoying you daily, it wears on you. A hospitable environment, one in which you are pleased or satisfied with, will build you up, mentally, emotionally and energetically. Second, like attracts like, and a heavy, stagnant and oppressive atmosphere will draw creatures who are comfortable with a heavy, stagnant and oppressive atmosphere. Third, by physically cleaning your surroundings, you are connecting to and cleaning your energetic surroundings as well as your energetic self.
Duration: Short to Medium Term usually, but Long Term if Cleanliness is maintained.
Effectiveness: Low to Medium, with an impressive cumulative effect.
Advantages: Anyone can do it, and the effects are surprisingly far-reaching impacting not only energy, but the cleaner’s mindset, and mundane daily life. It is an excellent option for those uncomfortable with practicing magic.
Disadvantages: A great deal of elbow grease. If your environment is cluttered or packrats are cohabitants, cleaning may be an uphill battle, cause friction, and you may have to compromise and only be able to impact part of your environment. Even in this case, it is worth doing.
Notes: Although a royal pain in the tail, creating a clean hospitable environment is utterly essential for virtually any kind of defense.

Energetic House Cleansing or Protection
Description: There are many techniques to energetically cleanse, bless and protect a house and by default, those inside it.
Duration: Short to Long Term.
Effectiveness: Low to High.
Advantages: Protecting your home space, is beneficial, and clean, blessed and/or protected energy contributes to the comfort of many, and provides some deterrent to unfriendly beings. Protecting ones house is a common theme in magic, so there are many techniques and spells focused on it, so that most practitioners will find some techniques compatible with them.
Disadvantages: These require the use of magic, or at least some form of prayer. Many techniques require maintenance or reapplication, and there is some risk of them leading to a false sense of security.
Notes: Multiple means of cultivating protection for your house are scattered in this article, but two traditional concepts must be mentioned. One common technique with many variations, is to clean and bless ones house, and ‘mark’ each entryway with some gesture of blessing or protection, letting negativity run out of the last open door. Salt, Pentagrams, Selenite, or sweeping are among some of the things used at each entryway, depending on the technique. A second technique is to allow something energetically absorbent take any ‘hits’ of negativity. A technique of placing rice in a glass jar outside your door, to allow the rice to absorb negativity then discarding and replacing the jar each week is one example.

Description: Reiki is a means of channeling a beneficial, often sentient energy for the primary purpose of healing. Some attunements can generate cleansing or protective energy.
Duration: Short to Long Term, depending on the duration worked with.
Effectiveness: Anything from Low to High.
Advantages: Reiki is inherently benign and supportive, and not coming from the practitioners natural energy reserves, makes for a generous supply of energy that can be tapped into.
Disadvantages: None, though its best effect would be as a preventative and to alleviate the effects of negative energy, rather than as an attack or counterattack.
Notes: When dealing with a lightweight trickster, offering them Reiki is worth considering. This offer will tend to cause one of three reactions. They could respond aggressively, which brings you back to square one. They could respond with fearful revulsion and run off, which solves the problem of them pestering you. Or because you are offering them free energy (however light) they might respond with acceptance, (however rudely) and after treatment, wander off in peaceful and absolute puzzlement. Because of this last reaction, Reiki can be a very potent and oddly humane means of neutralizing a former foe.

Blessing or Filling an area with Positive Energy
Description: Nature abhors a vacuum. So if you get rid of something, it’s wise to fill that gap with positive energy before something else steps into that gap that’s far less positive.
Duration: Anything from Short to Long Term
Effectiveness: Anything from Low to High.
Advantages: This is not so much a technique to stand on its own, as an essential mechanism that needs to be respected. It can be used to wind up after clearing a space, or to a more limited extent, a way to prepare a space to be cleaned.
Disadvantages: Some learning curve involved in figuring out the best application, some risk of making an area too energetically ‘busy’. Otherwise entirely beneficial.
Notes: There are many ways that a space can be filled with positive energy, and it should not be difficult to find one compatible with your beliefs and traditions. One simple way is to light a candle, and offer a prayer to your deity of choice, requesting their blessing of the area.

Description: Psionics, is the practice of perceiving energy in multiple ways, and manipulating the energy inherent in the human body. Many shields are Psionic, as well as other tools. The classic ‘bubble of white light’ could be considered a Psionic technique. But when people think of bubbles, they think of frail things that pop. So it may be more effective to think of a shell, force field, or sphere of white light.
Here’s a rudimentary step by step example of an application of Psionics, constructing something to affect something else.
‘Bob’ is minding his own business, but then notes that someone shoved an energy cord (used to connect to, drain, dump undesirable energy on, or manipulate another person) into his aura. And understandably, Bob doesn’t like it. So he wants to disrupt it. There are many ‘thoughtforms’ (ways to construct energy) he can use to destroy the foreign energy (without harming the other person at all). He can use the concept of an axe, a chainsaw, fire, etc, or even a symbol of light and love to sever the foreign energy. But Bob’s in a bad mood. So to disrupt the energy he decides on using a disruptive Vuvuzela, one of those plastic horns used in the World Cup.
Step 1. Bob notes where the foreign energy is attached.
Step 2. In his minds eye, and also externally, aimed at the foreign energy, he visualizes that horrid piece of plastic, using his own energy to form it. Bob visualizes its color, the two-part mold seam, the length and shape, and the purpose.
Step 4. Bob observes that the foreign energy has detached. Otherwise he’d have to repeat step 3. Bob enhances his shielding so that the energy cannot attach to him again.
Step 5. With the energy cord neutralized, he disperses the Vuvuzela’s energy to destroy it, not wanting a weapon of mass destruction hanging around going BBBWWWAAAAAAA!!!
Step 6. Bob walks away from the matter. Psychic attacks are often launched unconsciously, and he doesn’t want to harm a sitting duck. And even if it wasn’t an unconscious attack, he has better things to do than get into a pissing match with a stupid jerk.
There are many ways that energy can be manipulated and flavored, from camouflaging an aura (unwise for a pedestrian in traffic) to creating a slippery coating difficult for negative energy to stick to, to heavy duty shields and more.
Duration: Short to Long Term depending on the practitioner and technique. Usually short term.
Effectiveness: Low to High depending on the practitioner and technique. Usually Low to Medium.
Advantages: Extremely versatile, fast acting and requires no tools.
Disadvantages: Psionics is difficult to use without some form of Psychic perception. And while experience brings efficiency, many techniques require enough focus and personal energy that a drained, frazzled, energetically damaged and attacked beginner is not likely to have much effect.
Notes: Psionics is a reasonably new way of working with mental abilities and energy that builds upon itself, and takes a scientific slant rather than taking what works from older traditions. Due to this, but it has had to rediscover or reinvent what works which makes it highly versatile but limits its efficiency in many cases. But it remains versatile and a basic knowledge of Psionics can be highly useful and offer a fresh perspective.

Ash's Shield
Description: Ash has posted instructions for creating a permanent protective shield around the caster of said shield. Here’s the link.
Duration: Long Term
Effectiveness: Low to Medium, can be cumulative if reapplied.
Advantages: Long Term effect, Safe and approachable for a beginner in magic. Can be reapplied as desired.
Disadvantages: This shield affects only the person who casts it. It requires some supplies, and timing it to end at the full moon is ideal. Although simple, it must be cast consistently ten days in a row. Although safe, botching it can drastically impact the level of protection.

Description: The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. This is a classic ritual, which drives negative energies out by blunt force, and is effective in many cases to prepare an area for performing magic, as well as driving more lightweight malign beings out of the area in which it is performed.
Duration: Short Term shielding.
Effectiveness: Medium and very reliable.
Advantages: Safe so long as the pentagrams are drawn in the correct fashion. The LBRP is a stone reliable staple of magic, and in many cases, a good way to connect with Archangels.
Disadvantages: There is some learning curve, and those unfamiliar with magic may find it unusual and be uncomfortable with it.
Notes: It is possible that this will weaken manifestation but this will not harm your spirits. If you are concerned, you can state beforehand that they are not to be affected by it. In an unfriendly environment or with a malign spirit tampering with your sleep, performing it in your bedroom before sleep can often afford you some peace and quiet.

Description: The Ritual of the Rose Cross provides blessing and healing, and done directly after the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, provides an excellent deterrent to most malign beings. The combination done persistently, each day, can become very potent.
Duration: Short Term
Effectiveness: Medium to High. Cumulative.
Advantages: Reliable, safe, and potent.
Disadvantages: Some learning curve, and those unfamiliar with magic may find it unusual or weird.
Notes: If someone is sensitive to incense, an unlit stick or even a fragrant herb sprig with protective properties can be substituted. This will not harm your spirits, but darker Dark Arts spirits may be inconvenienced, feeling like tough bikers dropped into a Hello Kitty Sanrio Store, so it may be courteous to discuss some arrangement to make them feel more comfortable. Once more, I need to emphasize that this is an excellent combination when done with the LBRP. Some people may feel very self conscious waving their hands around and saying weird things, but it must be emphasized that it’s a dramatic improvement over having some malign being whisper ‘sweet nothings’ into your ear.

Getting Intelligent Beings Involved

Ordinary humans
Description: In some circumstances it’s unwise to bring a naïve friend into your battle, but dealing with a very unfriendly being can be a painfully isolating event, so it’s essential to have human contact, even if you can’t share ‘weird’ events and can only speak to them about the weather.
Also, if dealing with a nasty being feels like the last straw in a very painful time, or if you fear you are nearing the end of your rope, please consider speaking to a sympathetic and capable counselor, even if only about mundane matters. To do so is not a sign of weakness, but of wisdom.
Duration: N/A
Effectiveness: Anywhere from Low to extremely High.
Advantages: Giving yourself mental and emotional breaks will help keep you in once piece, and keep you in touch with the ordinary world. This cannot be emphasized enough.
Disadvantages: Humans are weird, fickle beings.
Notes: To the best of your ability, avoid isolating yourself.

Local Practitioners
Description: Wherever you live, there are people who work with the paranormal. Some of these people may be willing to help. Some even might know what they’re doing.
Duration: N/A
Effectiveness: Anything from very High, to extremely counterproductive.
Advantages: You might find the practitioner equivalent of Chuck Norris living next door to you. Or at least, a supportive group or a friendly coven willing to lend you an ear or throw some nice energy your way.
Disadvantages: You might find people who believe that everything in the spirit world is all love and light and disparage you for saying otherwise, con artists, Very Bad People, or just honest people in over their heads.
Notes: Even if you get a great deal of support, remember to be proactive in your own case.

Long Distance Practitioners
Description: Even if you’re out in the middle of nowhere, there are practitioners on the Internet. This may sound strange, but it is possible for people to manipulate and affect energy over a long distance. When you write something or send a photo, it involves enough of an energy signature that they can connect to you through it.
Duration: N/A
Effectiveness: As Above, with Local Practitioners.
Advantages: As Above, with Local Practitioners, but there are two more advantages. You have a much wider pool to search in, and by reading their writings, you are more likely to know their philosophy on malign beings before you even contact them.
Disadvantages: As Above, with Local Practitioners. And also, anyone can pretend to be anything on the Internet which can make for delightful or unpleasant surprises. And not being able to talk face to face, may make things less personal, and increase the potential for misunderstandings.
Notes: As above, with local practitioners.

Calling on Archangels
Description: Calling on Archangels is a common and popular practice done for protection. Although inherently good, Archangels are not fuzzy wuzzy and can be quite formidable at times. Some people find them a great boon, and others have seen little to no effect or assistance.
Duration: Short term actions, the relationship can be anywhere from Short to Long term, depending on the human and the angel.
Effectiveness: None to High
Advantages: Angels are by nature benevolent, and will act in your best interests.
Disadvantages: Calling an Angel, doesn’t necessarily mean one will respond. And trickster spirits are capable of impersonating Angels for reasons of their own.
Notes: One thing that is distinct about Angels, is that they have a high level of respect for the free will of humanity. But they are so serious about this, that in most cases, if you want or need assistance, you must specifically ask them to help, so that they know that they have your permission to intervene. For those of a Christian inclination, the prayer St. Patrick’s Breastplate is often used for connection. It’s long, but this section is used for quick protection purposes.
Christ be with me, Christ within me,
Christ behind me, Christ before me,
Christ beside me, Christ to win me,
Christ to comfort and restore me.
Christ beneath me, Christ above me,
Christ in quiet, Christ in danger,
Christ in hearts of all that love me,
Christ in mouth of friend and stranger.

Description: For those with a positive relationship with a God or Goddess in their religion, a direct connection to the divine and an extremely powerful being who wants you in one piece, can be a Godsend. Many religions have various protective prayers which can provide you with a connection to sacred energy, and bring you comfort.
Duration: However long is right for both of you.
Effectiveness: Low to High, depending on the Deity and person and their relationship.
Advantages: As mentioned in the description.
Disadvantages: Not everyone is familiar or comfortable with a deity. And even for those who are, some deities aren’t the warrior type, or might consider your trial a great way for you to build character.

White Arts spirits
Description: Spirits born of light and either highly unwilling or incapable of acts of evil such as causing intentional harm to an innocent being.
Duration: Long term commitment.
Effectiveness: Low to High, depending on numbers, power, and compatibility with you.
Advantages: A benevolent spirit interested in keeping you in one piece, is a good being to have on your side. Depending on their abilities, they can shield you, block a (nonphysical) attacker, drive an attacking being off, and heal your energy.
Disadvantages: Due to their noble nature and disinclination to fight dirty, a White Art spirit is unlikely to send something away ‘bloodied’ and crying. The closest one may come, is healing and supporting you so that you can fight dirty.
Notes: A friendship with a spirit is a long term commitment and although wondrous, is nothing to take casually. It needs to also be noted, that if you’re looking at a spirit for protection, it’s best to look at ones suited for it. It’s unwise to bring a baby Dragon or Butterfly Faery into a situation better suited for a Volkh or Courtwind Angel.

Dark Arts spirits
Description: Spirits capable of choosing between good and evil and acting on that choice. Many lean towards good in a way comparable to most humans, but some can be tricksters, thuggish or wicked.
Duration: Long term commitment.
Effectiveness: Low to High, depending on numbers, power, and compatibility with you.
Advantages: Many Dark Arts spirits are glad to fight dirty in your defense, and some are willing to fight not just dirty, but filthily in your defense.
Disadvantages: Darker Dark Arts spirits may be a handful for a ‘down’ human, and are a serious responsibility. And in some cases, they may need to get to know you before they raise arms in your defense.
Notes: A friendship with a spirit is a long term commitment and nothing to take casually.

Thanks for reading, and I want to also give thanks to my awesome proofreaders.

If anyone wishes to copy this for their own use, share it, or post it elsewhere, you're welcome to, so long as credit is given, and the article is kept intact in its entirety. ::wave::

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Re: Protection Article

Postby LilyJadeSphynx » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:18 am

Thank you so much for posting this. It is both very informative and thought provoking.

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Re: Protection Article

Postby babyface » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:43 am

Thank you very much for taking the time to put this all together :thumbup:

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Re: Protection Article

Postby Raexis » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:54 am

Great article, Lamp. Thanks for posting! :D

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Re: Protection Article

Postby Untaimed » Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:57 am

Lamp you are amazing! ::hail::
This is such great info to have on hand & I really, truly appreciate the effort you put into this for all of us. THANK YOU!


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Re: Protection Article

Postby ArtMuse » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:28 am

WOW this was wonderful! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into it! ::hail::

It's a Must Read! :thumbup:


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Re: Protection Article

Postby Noctua » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:32 am

Nice, very comprehensive :thumbup:

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Re: Protection Article

Postby -arianna- » Sat Aug 06, 2011 9:25 am

Great post! Thank you for taking the time to write this. It will benefit many people who keep reading about the importance of being protected but don't know where to start and what are the different options.

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Re: Protection Article

Postby Lampropeltis » Sat Aug 06, 2011 3:59 pm

:grouphug: Aww, thanks, guys! Glad you find it useful.

I figured getting this information out, was more than worth the time invested.

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Re: Protection Article

Postby Divinita » Sat Aug 06, 2011 6:47 pm

thanks for this, I have bookmarked this! :thumbup:


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