Ilmu Khodam story

Discussion of specific races of angels.
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Re: Ilmu Khodam story

Post by Terror »

Allow me to clarify: I was part of an organization in which I was deeply passionate about the subject matter, but the people around me were fairweather friends. A couple individuals I barely knew spread gossip about me and one individual was a flagrant bully. I only put up with it because it was a "team" situation, if you get my drift. In any event, I'm sure my khodam are completely aware of my frustrations. I'll meditate on it further and ask them for guidance.


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Re: Ilmu Khodam story

Post by Samsara » cuts both ways. I have a feeling you will understand what I ment by the above paragraph soon. Fairweather friends or not, perhaps it will feel better to remember what drew you to them and them to you. There is something there. Seems to be a higher cause you may want to focus on.

There will always be someone in a group with personality issues. And people will always have an opinion both good and bad of us. The question for you is, which one is worth focusing on, in order to achieve your goals? You have the power and charm to change their minds and turn it around in a positive and constructive way. ;)

I worked with an awful bully once. He sickened me to the core. I told myself I couldn't leave because it was a great job, so I allowed myself to let him affect me negatively. But then I realized he was the same with everyone, yet some were more affected than others. I couldn't believe anyone wanted to be his friend.

But if I were honest with myself back then instead of hated him, I would have realized it was his way of getting attention and love. Many people control/bully/gossip about others to feel important, because they don't know how to get love, understanding and attention any other way. Is that sad and pathetic? I think you know where I am going with this...

So good luck. May you find great happiness and compassion in life's little trials.

"Man is what he sees in other people."

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Re: Ilmu Khodam story

Post by Pieter »

AngelDust wrote: There is a great Buddhist meditation on human suffering that says, "meditate on how we are the cause of our own suffering, and were the caused suffering in others, whether intentional or not." and "meditate on the last time we knowingly allowed a misunderstanding to develop." It may change how feel and see things. :grouphug: :peace:
Thanks for sharing this AngelDust. :D

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Re: Ilmu Khodam story

Post by Search4DLight »

Really important thread for me too as i strive to be able to shed my vindictive side. I was quite bad before and would plan things out in advance but now i just let it go by, however, should an opportunity arise i usually take it or i regret no having taken it. I don't ever envy people who have more than me, i don't hurt people without having been hurt first so i do not think that my Karma is all that bad. Given the fact that most of the people who desire me evil have borrowed or stolen money or assets from me and that is ultimately the reason we have cut ties. Polonius was so correct in saying "Neither a borrower nor a lender be..."

I can see that returning bad back to someone can have bad karma as you had a chance to just block it but instead consciously decided to hurt someone albeit the instigator. I guess with Karma two wrongs don't make a right! :evil: :angel:

Kudos to all for sharing your insights and experiences. ::hail::

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Re: Ilmu Khodam story

Post by Oshun »

darkshadow0rb wrote:The only information on Ilmu Khodam I could find that didn't sound overly dramatic and really hyped up is from Lisa (Real_Magick) on ebay... direct quote from her listing...



You have found the place where the magick is real and dreams do come true!

I am pleased to bring you this great treasure. There are similar items for sale elsewhere but there is also a lot of misinformation about the Ilmu Kodham out there as well. Let me begin by telling you a little about them.

There is some dispute as to what exactly an Ilmu Khodam is. Some believe they are of the angelic class. Others believe they are a class of beings unique to themselves somewhere between the Angels and Djinn. It does not really matter which belief you hold to as everyone agrees that they are completely benevolent beings.

Ilmu Khodam are familiar spirits that bond to a specific person. Sometimes this bonding happens on its own if the individual practices forms of magick and meditation but many times the Ilmu Khodam must be conjured before contact is made. The conjuration process can be lengthy and intense including fasting, specific oils, incense and magickal symbols. I do this process for you. Once an Ilmu Khodam has been conjured they like specific incense but they are not too difficult to care for.

The item I have for you today has a conjured female Ilmu Khodam spirit attached to it. She will call out to the master that she has chosen so please do not bid on this item unless you feel a strong pull toward it.

Many are saying that the Ilmu Khodam are like a Genie only much more powerful. That is not exactly true. While the Ilmu Khodam are very powerful they are not really wish granters as the Djinn are. Don't get me wrong, they can grant wishes on occasion but what they do is bless you with your own powers. Each Ilmu Khodam is capable of granting the following powers to the person they bond with;
Hope this helps!
I still don't get what they are, but I have one. At the time, I wanted a powerful angelic spirit who could help me learn metaphysical and spiritual abilities/knowledge/lessons. The only thing I know of her is that she has been kind to me and she likes a certain kind of incense oil.

How do you connect with them? What are some methods that you have done to be able to see or hear them? 8Z

You can understand what is taught, because you already knew it.

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