Reiki Training and Free Healing at Universal Rainbow

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Re: Reiki Training and Free Healing at Universal Rainbow

Postby Templar101 » Sat Oct 29, 2011 10:56 am

AerynAngel24 wrote:Wow! I was physically stressed, which was also making me mentally fatigued. Once I started listening to this, I felt a warmth growing in the area of my heart chakra. It spread upward through the throat and into the third eye. I really felt the energy growing there, and as it moved upward to the crown chakra, I began to feel a deep relaxation starting to spread throughout my entire body. It was what I would call an energized relaxation... not only physically, but emotionally as well. Absolutely beautiful and healing to both body and spirit. :thumbup: I must check out your site soon. Thank you! :D

Hi AerynAngel

I pleased to hear this has been of great benefit to you, our physical/emotional ailments can block our spiritual paths, so a good cleansing/healing on a regular basis keeps us on our path.



magic8 wrote:Templar I love your web site and the free healing its very effective.A while ago I did a first reiki level one I guess you call it and after that I keep seeing a cobalt blue light in the corner of my eyes for a few days.Is that from the reiki? I feel very compelled to learn reiki!

Hello Magic8

It's very reassuring to hear our Music Healing Therapy trial is being so effective, Reiki is an excellent way to elevate and accelerate one's spiritual learning. I know I'm biased (LOL), but Reiki is not just about healing others and oneself, it's about embracing a more spiritual way of life. It will help to develop your psychic skills/senses (which sounds like you are starting to experience) as well as enhancing many other area's. Please continue your journey it will be many rewards.



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Re: Reiki Training and Free Healing at Universal Rainbow

Postby DeepBlueSea » Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:16 am

Does anyone know if Templar101 is "still around". I wanted to get in touch with him for a few attunments but his Universal-Rainbow website seems to be down. Any contact points for him will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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