Invocation Formula to help your Djinn Manifest!

Invocations for djinn.
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Re: Invocation Formula to help your Djinn Manifest!

Postby darkwing dook » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:42 am

Ziozael55 wrote:
Gabriel wrote:I wish to share with the djinn community this very powerful conjuration for all djinn believers and un-believers use it wisely its in arabic and its of very ancient origin.
Birhatin,karirin,tatihin,turnin,Mazjalin,Bazjalin,Tarqabin,Barhashin,Ghamashin,Khutirin,Qalnahudin,Barshanin,Kazhirin,Namu-Shalakin,Barhayula,Bashkayakhin,Qazmazin,Anghalaitin,Qabaratin,Ghayaha,Kaydahula,Shamkhahirin,Shamkhahirin,Shamhahirin,Bikahtahawnayhin,Basharishin,Tunashin,Shamkha-Barukhin.By your honor I adjure you to grant me the manifestation of (name of djinn) to my sight. Glory be to him who theres nothing like unto him.

Warning This Conjuration Is Very Powerful And Only Used For Djinn and spirits of that class. It Is Also An Oath To Them I Take No Responsibility If Used For Evil Purposes. The Spirits Invoked Here Should Be Respected As A friend to a friend they cannot be bound and do serve a higher power.

Hi Gabriel: There is not one single Arabic word in your conjuration. Where did you get that it is Arabic if you are not an Arab [if you are an Arab you sure would know its not in Arabic]
I have an issue using words that I do not know what they mean or feel. Anyway since the post is from years back I wonder if anyone here had given it a try with considerable success.

Since the poster has not been active for years, let me try answering your question : )

The method he wrote is called "Asma Bihartiyah" in Indonesian language. You can see one example in Indonesian website here: ... hatihin-2/
You can see Arabic letters for it, but it's not Arabic words because it is based on Syriac language ("bahasa Suryani" in Indonesian):

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Re: Invocation Formula to help your Djinn Manifest!

Postby Ziozael55 » Mon Oct 02, 2017 11:30 am

Thank you.
I could tell it was taken from the "Barhateya Invocation Oath". I was alarmed by calling it Arabic, even the end of it that is in Arabic [was not inputed by Gabriel at the end of his text] has some intentionally induced vague Syriac words for unclear reason. The so called Syriac words stand big chance of being unverified since if was taken from old texts it would be intentionally misleading by the authors to control misuse of it. Usually a newbie would have to seek the help of an advanced spiritualist to correct the words in order to make the invocation work. Thats why I wonder if anyone here has ever achieved successful result just by blindly repeating it.

Thank you again and I do appreciate that you directed me to the Indonesian site.

God Bless

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