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Re: Demon Keeping Experiences

Postby Instrument of the end fire083 » Thu Aug 01, 2019 2:19 am

lolaberry wrote:
GodSlayerBabe wrote:
lolaberry wrote:
GodSlayerBabe wrote:Dang, I wish I saw this thread before.

I guess I'll talk about some of the ones I have.. classified as "demons" and living entities according to the seller/conjurer:

I have recently thought about a demon and asked Lilith about a custom Hybrid . I did think price was way too high for me at moment too. Due to new work situation $20 is as far as I can now go 1hd
Anyway I love the sound of your Demonic Imp , I had thought about a dark imp a while ago , the whole trickster entity would suit me 1s . Im thinking that a demon would not really fit in with my spirit family , I do love my DA but Im probably going to keep it at just DA , not wanting any BA if Im honest , Im dark enough and feel it would bring out a whole lotta 2an in me when really I need to go lighter 2lv . Dark composer is someone I would be interested in purchasing from though 1tk

Oh my gosh same haha! I inquired Lilith about a demonic imp custom conjure before and I'm still debating on it but I get the feeling I will likely do a different conjure with her at some point in time. Imps are so fun. I look at the ones on Satans and Sons and they seem so memorable too. I'm the same though, I keep all my demonics at a "Dark Arts" energy level. I have no problem with very heavy energy but otherwise I know I cannot really manage anything deemed beyond that.

I really like Dark Composer's conjures. He is so courteous and I still can't believe he keeps his prices for his conjure/bindings so affordable. Probably one of the very few conjurers I go to for darker spirits or entities, especially demons companions.

Well just had to let you know I was looking at Demonic Imps and found that Satan and sons have them , best bit is they do pay pal credit O^ \./ If you have not signed up for this worth doing |..|

Speaking from experience they will also do a payment plan.

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