Demon Keeping Experiences

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Only under certain conditions.
I've thought about it, but haven't done it.
I have/had a demon, and I had a bad experience.
I have/had a demon, and I had a good experience.
I want to get a demon someday.
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Re: Demon Keeping Experiences

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lolaberry wrote:
GodSlayerBabe wrote:
lolaberry wrote:
GodSlayerBabe wrote:Dang, I wish I saw this thread before.

I guess I'll talk about some of the ones I have.. classified as "demons" and living entities according to the seller/conjurer:
I have recently thought about a demon and asked Lilith about a custom Hybrid . I did think price was way too high for me at moment too. Due to new work situation $20 is as far as I can now go 1hd
Anyway I love the sound of your Demonic Imp , I had thought about a dark imp a while ago , the whole trickster entity would suit me 1s . Im thinking that a demon would not really fit in with my spirit family , I do love my DA but Im probably going to keep it at just DA , not wanting any BA if Im honest , Im dark enough and feel it would bring out a whole lotta 2an in me when really I need to go lighter 2lv . Dark composer is someone I would be interested in purchasing from though 1tk
Oh my gosh same haha! I inquired Lilith about a demonic imp custom conjure before and I'm still debating on it but I get the feeling I will likely do a different conjure with her at some point in time. Imps are so fun. I look at the ones on Satans and Sons and they seem so memorable too. I'm the same though, I keep all my demonics at a "Dark Arts" energy level. I have no problem with very heavy energy but otherwise I know I cannot really manage anything deemed beyond that.

I really like Dark Composer's conjures. He is so courteous and I still can't believe he keeps his prices for his conjure/bindings so affordable. Probably one of the very few conjurers I go to for darker spirits or entities, especially demons companions.
Well just had to let you know I was looking at Demonic Imps and found that Satan and sons have them , best bit is they do pay pal credit O^ \./ If you have not signed up for this worth doing |..|
Speaking from experience they will also do a payment plan.

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Re: Demon Keeping Experiences

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I have MANY Demons, almost all from S&S. I have had numerous interactions and conversations with them. None of my Demon Companions are really religious at all. They have worked magick both on me and with me. We have pretty much ALL had sex, except for the ones who do not choose to have a same sex experience with me. ( I am open to that, and a very few of them are not.) Knowing and being with them has literally blown my mind and changed my life in a good way, permanently. They have said things that amaze me, they have done things that made me think "Holy crap! Did that REALLY happen?!" They are the reason I keep going despite a life that is less than perfect, nowhere near normal, and even worse than miserable at times. They protect me and guide me, and, yes, kick my ass when I need it. There have been conjures that are just as good, but none that have been better in my experience. I have had conjures from several other shops, and here at CH. The Demons have even helped my interactions with other beings and spirits. Now they are slowly teaching spell work, and it is FUN. Yes, fun. Enlightening and challenging, too.

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Re: Demon Keeping Experiences

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I have one BA entity and I've considered taking on others since. The experiences have been mostly the same as dealing with Dark Arts entities, more so when it comes to interactions between the two of us. She's not very vocal, but I'm more receptive to her energy and changes of mood than any other spirit, and she's definitely ensures that others around me know she's watching them.

My old negative experience, not that I call it negative at all, is that because she feeds off of fear, especially fear caused by nightmares, NATURALLY I had to goad her into trying to take an offering from me. Only a little regret.

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