A few Questions on Dragons? Help! Everyone and Magnolia pls!

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Re: A few Questions on Dragons? Help! Everyone and Magnolia pls!

Postby teabags » Fri Jan 09, 2009 10:43 pm

Hi there,

My best regards for what you're having to deal with...I'm sure you'll find the strength within to make your own best choices, and never be afraid to ask your spirits for help. They are there for you...

As others suggested, the new hybrid dragons are a great option! Quartz - silver and white hybrid...I was looking at that one myself, just yesterday. As you already know, you can do it on layaway and it's cheaper on Wednesdays, and you get another extra 10% off for being a forum member. Make the best of all that! ;)

As for the family, I have a mixed background too...My grandparents are buddhist, mom's catholic, dad's anglican...my sis, I don't know. Myself? Spirituality here. :lol: My dad will kill me, yeah! :think:

In the end, I feel it comes down to your own set of beliefs and what you're most comfortable with. And no one else ever needs to know what you're carrying are spirit vessels...Get it because you want to, for yourself, and the connections you feel with the particular spirit. That's SO important!

Doesn't matter what everyone else says or believes in,
What's most important is WHAT YOU BELIEVE IN, FOR YOURSELF...
On your spiritual journey, you'll come to realise how mundane this physical realm is, material pursuits, ego, and all "the unnecessary things around us"...
You'll come to learn many things and experiences 1st hand, and know the CORE YOU...Who Are You???
Be open to all choices until you find what you truly want for yourself. That is all...

For today, "Hit the RESET button" leave out everything you know, just for today and go out, see and explore life, with a "fresh set of eyes"...enjoy the adventures and see what happens...make your own adventures...

In previous posts, it's mentioned we can take spirits with us anywhere, even churches, temples and "holy ground"...so you should have no worries about that.


"Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely." ~ The Land Before Time

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