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Postby creepyhollows » Fri Mar 15, 2013 10:12 pm

Official thread for Fan Fiction Contest, or you can email to contest AT

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Postby laboshka » Sun Mar 17, 2013 10:10 am

One day at School OF Magnolia
Report in Chemistry
Chemistry teacher Ash commissioned a report on the subject - Table Periodic Table of elements.

I am with all my boundless energy, innate artistic and theatrical skills put to vote at the music school, and, as it seemed to me, a beautiful manipulation hands started for posing this great from my point of view design.

But once I get a grasp of the technical aspects with the weights, distances between atoms, electrons, and other garbage, I thought this topic completely uninteresting and boring ... And then I decided to revive his story about the periodic table of the elements more information and faithfully sat down all the books that are only found in the home library on the topic related to Mendeleev ...

The global version of how Mendeleev came up with the idea of creating a table is - he dreamed of him in a dream, but I have read in a children's encyclopedia, is number 7 and number 8 on chemical information that he had a dream, and came to him in the head when he was riding in a carriage, the carriage jumped mound, he hit his head on the top of the carriage, and at this moment, and he came up with the idea of the original report on the periodic table of elements ....

On the appointed day, going to the board, I started reading the report ... I started with the general political situation in the Western America, at the time, then moved to a table of weather and temperature ... then to the department, which was in charge of the state of roads, stations, track milestones, then to the number of coaches per capita from the bourgeoisie, then angrily denounced the king's design offices, which are in contrast to our Soviet did not think about the person when designed the carriage, and their coaches, people received numerous injuries, then brought some statistics on accidents and victims people, and then after I described the decline in paint and how Mendeleyev hit my head, I went to a brief review of traumatic brain injury, structural features of the skull and the dangers of riding in a carriage, and then moved to the medical aspect and painted a picture of the appearance of people thought , images and hallucinations caused by the lack of oxygen with loss of consciousness upon impact in the medium-temporal area ...

By this time the class was already lying on the floor, and our teacher Ash, a passionate fan of chemistry, has been green-colored crimson with anger, waiting for me to present the elements of the periodic system of the technical side, but not in the form of artistic and poetic narrative.. . As soon as I started talking about what Mendeleev spent in rehabilitation after stroke six days, and that at this time he painted the head table, drinking a solution of potassium permanganate, I was talking about manganese and its disinfectant properties - this time there was a roar of a dying mammoth - is screaming our ASH ... He shouted to me:

- Stop! ... Sit down! .. U points - ahhh! ... I was shocked by the fact that I did not understand, did not appreciate, and even a titanic three attempts did not put ... I sat there and mumbled insults at the end of the lesson, as the misunderstood Genius ..))) thank you for your reading, hope you like it!
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Postby starfire » Tue Mar 19, 2013 2:59 pm

Light And Dark

She was a bright light,
He was dark as the night,
She spoke with angels and unicorns,
He spoke with things of a scary fright.

When they met it was a story to be unfolded,
For she wasn't sure if she should run, truth to be told,
He did have a charm,
So sure of himself with a hint of calm,
She was a beautiful light like a heavenly sigh.

Ever since that first meeting,
They have always been together,
Learning and growing in the spiritual realm,
Seeing and experiencing things that others can only dream,
And most would flee.

She is always by his side,
He will always be her protector,
Her lover, her mate until the end of time,
For together they will always find,
The paranormal side of things,
And teach many others the same,
Of what is really in this world and many others,
To know what is true and not fear the creepy crawlers,
To know what is inside themselves,
To know that they too are more then what the eye does see.

starfire ::dragons::


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Postby Darkstar » Tue Mar 19, 2013 9:45 pm

Just making sure.

This is where we enter our own stories we have written?



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Postby NyctophiliaRaven » Wed Mar 20, 2013 2:15 am

Yes, or you can email them to the address at the top, on Magnolia's introductory post.

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Postby sdjob » Thu May 23, 2013 12:31 am

once a time there was a boy who was always alone.
he had parents, friends,teachers, but nowhere to go.
he was always sad beacause nothing he could do.
he was sad beacause he didnt understood.
''why is that i am different from all?´´
no one was preoccupied of him at all.
but one day the boy something found.
a little glass egg was a wonderfull toy.
when he touched it, warm the egg was.
he protected it whit all his might.
from parents, teachers and everyone bad.
but one day the egg was nowhere to be found
hi cried all day and all night
he said: i just want it back!
from a powerfull blast of energy
a mighty dragon presented
''boy,dont cry'' he said
''that egg was mine, my only son at all
you protected it from all harm
i know what you really want so bad
adventure and real treasures
will find you, for you r right nowunder my wing''
so the boy then went with the dragon and dissapeared
many years later he would come back
not as a boy, not as a man.
but someone who would brin peace for all.
he was called ''the dragon knight''

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