Spaggetti shrimp pasta dish!!!!

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Spaggetti shrimp pasta dish!!!!

Post by 4bluefaeries »

spaggetti shrimp pasta:

Need spaggetti
uncooked tigertail shrimp[a frozen bad]or fresh
broccoli[a head]break into mouth size pieces
2 sticks of garlic butter
seasonings[mrs dash garlic and herbs] and celery salt seasonings
salt and pepper
chedar cheese[gratted]put on top before serving :hungry:

Boil spaggetti pot of water.over the pot steam brocoli pieces
Take large frying pan,add raw tiger shrimp,with 2 sticks of garlic butter and seasonings,wait almost till the pasta is ready,because the shrimp don't take very long to cook :drool:
add the brocoli in the sause pan with the cooked shrimp and garlic butter,stir all together
drain pasta spaggetti,put back in cooking pot,then add everything except the cheese.
Add serving to plate,top it off with alittle bit of cheese and enjoy!!!!!!

p.s your vampires might not be happy with you those :vampire: [NOT THE GARLIC] :irked:

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Re: Spaggetti shrimp pasta dish!!!!

Post by keriix »

Had pasta yesterday !
It was supposed to be spicy, but it was sweet instead ._.

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Re: Spaggetti shrimp pasta dish!!!!

Post by Noctua »

Mm... shrimps.

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