Conversation with djinn on a bus?

Tips and tricks for connecting and making wishes with djinn.
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Re: Conversation with djinn on a bus?

Post by geniecollector00 »

I have 4 djinn. The most recent one I have is the one that I actually sense in the room with me. The others are very quiet. There is one I have that moves his ring on occasion, but as far as physical manifestations, I haven't seen any of mine. You are very lucky goldenhawk! Especially being that it was an sra.

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Re: Conversation with djinn on a bus?

Post by leigh »

goldenhawk wrote:As I am sitting at the computer someone is touching the top of my
head. Its quite a strong feeling, sort of brushing my hair. I think
it is the madrid.

You're lucky that you have things that are real. All I have are a bunch of rocks and jewelry. So frustrating.

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Re: Conversation with djinn on a bus?

Post by goldenhawk »

Hi leigh
How long have you been a keeper? and what type of spirits
have you got? I know it must be frustrating for you, but I
hope that you will have results sometime soon. I don't
worry about it too much, I just go with the flow. I haven't
heard anything today, maybe not tomorrow, but I know
that my spirits are there, they know that I know, so it
is trust in them as well.

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Re: Conversation with djinn on a bus?

Post by kataru »

that's very nice! :thumbup: I'm still eagerly waiting for the day that I could talk to my spirit friends with ease. Though still haven't hear any from my spirits but I definitely saw flashes and white shadows not quite often, but I knew it was them surely and always take note of it. And the stone they reside are sometimes very warm even though the day temp. is low.

Also though I hear voices, sometimes like noises of talking people from a television at early 2am onwards. but I can't guarantee that it's from them, because maybe it is our neighbors whose houses just a less than 10 meters away from ours. Just like yesterday when I was talking to my spirits or maybe laying on bed looking at the ceiling, I heard a voice of a man talk/yell, what he said I couldn't catch, so I just dismiss it as our neighbor at the back. I found the situation difficult sometimes.

the day the I'll be able to have a conversation like that with them would be my happiest... life would surely be different since then. :drool: I've been trying to open my third eye. sc rew whatever else I can see, I just want to see them! :crazy:

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Re: Conversation with djinn on a bus?

Post by djinnkeeper »

Rob, You are so lucky being able to see your Djinn like that! Djinn especially Marid's are very beautiful and not ugly at all :thumbup: Im especially of late very fond of Male Efrits they are stunning too :inlove: (Maybe me being female Im bias!) I get a feeling when my boys are around but they spend a lot of time in the Djinn realm too which I ask them to do. :hug: Its funny you shouldpost this as the other day a good looking foreign guy was looking at me in a kind of strange way. I was in work and I saw this guy walking towards me and he just had a blank expression when looking at me. He was tanned with very dark features and hair. I get the feeling now when there are people like this they are Djinns around us. He was most definatly not one of my boys Im sure about that!! I do believe they walk amongst us everyday just as angels do but we never know! I think this guy was a Djinn and he obviously knew I had a Marid with me!! Ive seen a stunning guy too quiet young, tall, muscles like woooohoooo!!!!! Tanned, Blonde hair and stunning blue eyes and he fitted the description of my Marid Djinn :thumbup: He smiled at me and carried on walking and trust me I dont attract me like that :crazy: Ive seen thsi guy twice Im sure its my Boy :thumbup:

Im a Girl :0)

Be careful what you wish for! You just might get it!

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