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Re: Sariena's Spirits

Postby Yhwh » Sun Aug 19, 2018 3:10 am

I sent you a message on your facebook. Are you still doing reverse adoption for 20$? I just saw your page and I would really benefit from this since I just reactivated my fb... Please see the message I sent you, it is an interesting story.

Sariena Em
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Re: Sariena's Spirits

Postby Sariena Em » Thu Nov 15, 2018 7:34 pm

Yes, I am doing reverse adoptions as well as posting some spirits searching for companions. Lots that I would love to find homes for before Christmas! Find me on Facebook under Sariena Em then message me to join the group :)

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Re: Sariena's Spirits

Postby denanna123 » Fri Nov 16, 2018 4:44 am

I've just recently welcomed 2 amazing spirits home from Sariena Em and I honestly couldn't be any happier with this conjurer and her bindings! Sariena Em herself is a very kind person, willing to help in anyway she can and answers all questions quickly. She really cares about both her clients and the spirits and entities she has contact with and always finds the best match for both by letting the spirit choose you!

My astral Djinn from Sariena came to me in a dream recently, it was super vivid and intense and he was so beautiful I almost couldn't look at him lol.
His energy is palpable all the time and he's really a wonderful companion and guide/teacher. I still can't astral project as yet but I feel like I'm getting closer with his help!
I've also noticed that since he's been with me I sometimes get snippets of remote viewing, which isn't even something I was trying for lol.

My other companion from Sariena is a Sanguine Vampire who is someone I'm still getting to know but who is also a very strong and real presense in my life. His is a strong, protective and very loving energy that I already know will be with me forever. The more I get to know this guy the more I love him.

In conclusion I wholeheartedly recommend Sariena Em as a seller!

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