Probably a generic question...

Share your favorite recipes that are to die for!
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Re: Probably a generic question...

Post by Kaliopia »

I'm with Noc on the Mediterranean food. My family is Greek so I have a nice collection of recipes, I just fail to break them out more often due to how labor intensive they can be. Though, now that I think about it, I currently spend 1-2 hours making dinner every night, so that's not much of an excuse anymore lol I'm a clean eater for the most part so less meat, more fresh herbs and veggies, and minimal on processed foods. It takes forever preparing meals like that, but always worth it in the end.

I love foods from all around the world though. If you have any authentic recipes, I'd love to try them!

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Re: Probably a generic question...

Post by Noctua »

Now I want some recipes from Amethyst too ^.^

I should also have mentioned, I have this adoration for combinations of fruit with anything and everything.. fruit and meat, fruit and spicy, fruit and cheesy.. fruit fruit fruit.. Love fruit.

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Re: Probably a generic question...

Post by Primarch »

Okay, I'll start with a bit of an explanation. In my family everybody likes different things, everybody has a different type of diet, everyone has certain restrictions. My personal restrictions are in quantities, I eat very little. My father is lactose intolerant and eats a lot of fruits. My stepmother is a "flexitarian" who primarily prefers to eat vegetarian, but realistically will eat whatever gets put in front of her. She really isn't fond of pork due to an experience where she saw a pig in the truck on the way to the slaughterhouse and was sure she heard it crying out for help to her. My daughter varies based off of whether or not it is swim season (she eats like a football lineman during swim season), but other than that she'll eat just about anything, but she's not too fond of vegetables. My son doesn't like a lot of spice, but he eats way too much. He prefers junk food. My ex-wife liked her food very bland, but she didn't cook hardly anything. I'm not even sure she knew where the kitchen was. My mother is very picky about foods. My stepfather eats primarily vegetarian, but he'll occasionally have meat. So, when it comes to everyone, I am the best cook we have and I always try to take everyone's "issues" into consideration. Sometimes that means that I make multiple things (pizza night used to involve a different pizza for each person and a lot of leftovers, now I just steal a small slice from each person instead of making my own since a regular size pizza would be about 8 meals for me).

So, to start out, I'm going to share a flourless chocolate cake with everyone. It normally goes over pretty well at gatherings. Gluten-free and milk-free.

7 oz of 45-50% cocoa semisweet chocolate (to be honest, the bags are larger and I usually use the whole bag and make it extra chocolatey)
3/4 cup butter or margarine (I use margarine because of my father)
1 cup of sugar (in 2 x 1/2 cup measurements)
4 eggs separated (need both egg yolks and egg whites at different times)

preheat over to 300 degrees F
nuke margarine and chocolate chips together until melted
whisk with a fork the four egg yolks and 1/2 cup sugar and then mix in with the melted chocolate and margarine
pull out an electric drink mixer and use on low and start to mix up the egg whites and slowly add the remaining 1/2 cup of sugar. whisk until peaks form.
fold it into the chocolate mixture
Grease u a 9-in cake pan, I just use Pam spray on and pour it in
Bake for 40 minutes, but I'd start checking at 30 minutes with a toothpick. The outside will get a little bit crunchy, but the inside will stay moist. Don't worry if it's a little bit sticky when you finish, it'll keep cooking even after you take it out because you will not be able to take it out of the cake pan. Serve it in the cake pan.

You can try to slice it and all that, I've found just give people a spoon and let them spoon out what they want. This is not the prettiest cake you'll ever eat, but it does taste really good and pretty much anybody can eat it.

Okay, I'm going to give up trying to list them. Too many to properly list. Maybe I'll try more generically:

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