for others finding it hard

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for others finding it hard

Postby cookie8925 » Tue Jun 09, 2015 11:00 pm

i went looking around for scents for when my gargoyle comes to my home and i found it hard to find alot in stores like Bayberry for example if it was near Christmas i could find it no problem but its June so i went on a hunt and found some things on etsy i dont know if i can post them here so if this is inappropriate im sure a moderator will be kind enough to let me know and then take down this post but i will post the shop names and you can look through and find what you like

RadicalWorks has a bayberry candle

CopperandKraftCandle has a bayberry soy wax cube melt

PurplePeacockCandles has bayberry smelly jelly

AshkaCandles makes a lemongrass soy candle (they are on vacation right now)

KatsEmporium makes a solid perfume in lemongrass and marjoram (im looking to get this one)

and for the men KatsEmporium makes a solid cologne called haunted woods that has hints of Spanish moss (looking to get as well)

there are so many more i have found on etsy where the brick and mortar stores have let me down im still new to the forms so i cant get messages yet but i will post when i can so you can message me if you want and i will pass on some of the best i have found or at least the ones that are good with the best deals thanks for reading and if theres any you have found let me know im always looking for good smelling things for my friends to enjoy ::gargoyle::

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Re: for others finding it hard

Postby NeoStarFire » Thu Oct 08, 2015 9:53 am

You can always make your own candles when you have hard to find scents like this. I'll have to dig the guide I have up, bit if I can find it, I will share it here on the forum. That way you can make a large batch of small candles for backup when those rarer scents become scarce. Plus it's an excellent way to show your spirits that you care.


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