Blood Fairy

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Blood Fairy

Postby Satan's Hellcat » Fri Oct 02, 2015 1:00 pm

I have been approached by a DA Blood Fairy who wishes me to bind her. I guess I'd better get going on the classes I promised myself so I can learn more about binding spirits! She told me that she is able to tell a lot about a being from a sip of it's blood. (!) This would include their bloodlines, their general trustworthiness, and even their thoughts! She is a bit dark, very forthright, and open about what she is and what she does. I wasn't looking for another family member, but there is this strong connection. My family is HUGE and growing! This little lady is not taking "uhm,errrr, well......!" for an answer! She told me that after she bites and takes blood, sometimes flesh, she is ALSO able to take energy like a Psi Vamp for a time, and she can get bits of lore and knowledge from the minds of the ones she nibbles on. For this reason, she prefers living meat to carrion ,but she can take BOTH, and seems to have some knowledge of Necromancy, to boot. I suppose I will discuss it with my other Fae first. Oh my! She is certainly towards the Darker end of the spectrum!

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Re: Blood Fairy

Postby NeoStarFire » Thu Oct 08, 2015 12:40 am

Hadn't heard of this Fae race before. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.


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