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Re: Areyoubewitchedtoo

Postby KilisKimcat » Sun Jul 29, 2018 10:38 am

I came across this topic after a google research as I couldn't reach their store.

I bought 3 items from Areyoubewitchedtoo
- An emporer watcher who literally saved my life and stayed with me during 5 years. Then he wanted to go and help a friend of mine. I sent him, and have had no news since. Today I saw a pic of his former vessel and cried. I miss him so much. Lovely caring friend.

- A couple of dragon royalties. They have a wonderful eye catching vessel and surprisingly, each time I feel they should come with me, something happens with my car (first a car accident, second a car scratch, third some trouble with my wheels). Each time I ended up fine. Did not investigate further ^_^ The first time we had contact I felt nurtured and warm so I think they just know some trouble is on the way and they come to protect me. As usual when I get dragons, they offered flowers - candles flowers on a fountain. I was really touched.

- A water dragon princess who is now a queen. We don't interact that much and she really hates her vessel, so I can't tell much about her. She is good at recognizing water spirits, and has a very fresh watery cool presence.

I am sorry someone got hurt with a spirit of theirs and I don't want to tamper their responsibilities. Just wanted to testify they have some happy customers.

Have a wonderful day !

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