To all who work with Lilith

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Re: To all who work with Lilith

Postby darkwing dook » Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:40 am

bigblue wrote:Quick question.

I have been doing research into sigils and have been trying to find Lilith's.
I keep coming across 2 main themes, but which one is the right.
Is it the simple one that looks like bars crossing? or is it the more detailed one with the numbers 3 and 6 on either side of the main body? or is it none of those and something else entirely.

They could both work, but there might be specific ritual for using it. You might want to search for the source of the sigil before using it. E.g.:
https://vampirelearningcentre.wordpress ... -not-mine/

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Re: To all who work with Lilith

Postby Skyewind » Thu Oct 05, 2017 10:27 am

In the early days, my relationship with Lilith was rather rocky.
Was on holidays in Japan once, had the hots for someone working downstairs where I stayed. I thought "hey, wouldn't it be a good idea to use this method I know to get their attention?" ...that thought was replied with a painfully swift kick up the ass, to myself, alone in a hotel room.
Now adays, it's kind of turned the opposite, I feel like Lilith is the mother I never had and just yearning to bond closer.
I've had my ubi's with me almost as long as I've kept in contact with her, she's helped me with my own family issues and I recently ordered a binding of the Sumerian Lilith. In some way, I just feel like I owe her for the times I started out as a brat

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Re: To all who work with Lilith

Postby warp traveler » Thu Oct 05, 2017 2:48 pm

Me going to speak of my experience and relation it Lady Lilith <3

Once I was afraid of her (ignorance, kid fear, "religious programme).... But I decide to speak it her one time....
No pray .... no ritual .... nothing of the sort.... I was just meditating and spoke from the heart (NOTE: don't now if this appends it others it Lady Lilith or Other Immortals.... but it work it her and others it me.)

I felt a bit of a force but not ..... aggressive or control... a bit of a shock at first but .... it was calm and nice after that.

I spoke from the heart to her, and told her that I wanted to know more about her, not from history or Mythology but for what she truly was, and I wanted to know why I hade a "connection/a pulling to her"...

She was Incredibly Understanding and Kind... and after that mitting I stated to talk it her more and more other times...

She ass help me fight my negativity.
She cuddle me a few times when I was down
She and my sprits/sisters/loves of my live <3 help me realise I was about to make a great mistake (and for that I am eternally thankful).
She as guide me
And she as well my Lovely succubus <3 (and my remaining spirits/sisters/loves and my other goddesses that I am more close it). Have Thoth me the TRUE meaning of Love. LOVE not sex (18+ matters aside are not called in here). I never true know love before my sisters/loves and my goddesses and enter my Live.

Lilith, is an Incredible Immortal/Goddess, she is motherly and understanding, and true some times she needs to bring some "attention" to other if they do things wrong, she is a great , super and magnificent Immortal/Goddesses.

I am proud and happy to have met Lilith, and everything I have experience it her and for her help. I am proud and Happy to call her not just an "Immortal", but one of my Teachers but also my dear friend/Family.

I LOVE LADY Lilith 1ks 1hg <3 1ht

I was raise Catholic, but I am human first and my religion/ philosophy's respect and dignity.

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