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Postby NekoTheCat » Sun Jun 12, 2016 7:01 pm

Darak wrote:Hello!

Are you still looking for immortals and tips?

Do you neccessarely need the help of an immortal?
I would suggest dwarfs. Some of the greatest weapons in nordic mythology were made by dwarfs such as mijolnir and gungnir.

I'm a metal craftsman myself and a knifemaker. I started my own falchion blade a while ago and plan on making two heavy longswords, one blunt and one sharp.
You do not absolutely need to forge or use damascus steel. A high qualiti monosteel is just as good nowadays. high carbon spring steel is a good choice. Just make sure to temper it right. About 52-55 degree rockwell are good for a sword. Less than 50 is too soft and gets nicks easiely. Over 55 is too brittle and can break when used.

For the shape, if youre not very strong a leaf shaped blade such as the ones shown is not a good idea. It's too headheavy, those need strong hands and arms to wiel.
A slim longsword (or bastardsword if you like that name) would be better, those can be used two or one handed. Like this: ... f_1717.JPG
This one also has a big heavy pommel which makes it well balanced, something you should make sure your sword is. It makes it much easier to wield.
A big fuller (I hope this is the right word) is also great to decrease weight without reducing the stability.

I forged a knife and an axe before. It's a lot of fun!
But very exhausting. And making a sword is quite difficult. Try to practise some work with metal, grinding nice even surfaces and polishing. And maybe train a bit, this will be VERY exhausting. Pushups on your fists strenghten your forearms and grip.

Well I already got an immortal he still hasn't arrived yet, but my sword would look more like a knight if templar sword and that's awesome that you forge your own! I wanted to try it but it cost too much for the metal and the only forge is 30 minutes away by car and I doubt they'll let me use theirs. They offer a course and everything included for $110 but I'd never be able to afford that. My blade will have its own unique look but based on a knights of templar broadsword

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