good tarot spreads for spirit communication

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Re: good tarot spreads for spirit communication

Postby Alys-RaccoonReadings » Tue Apr 04, 2017 12:11 am

I shook it up a bit and used oracle cards instead of tarot cards. The highlighted words are the ones he wanted to convey to me in the session. All in all, some surprises, but most of it dead-on with what I already knew, meaning I could trust the rest. A lot of this, in other words, was confirmation rather than news.


1.Inspirational Creation. Innovation. --> Known: He's very Phantom of the Opera-y, so this fits known info.
2. Emergence. Creation, Resurrection, Magician. -->same as #1
3. Innocence, Play --> Yeah. He's not these things.
4. Forgiveness. Rebirth, Regeneration. --> Known: I'm in a depression relapse right now, and he's been a great support through prior ones. Not by trying to cheer me up, but by sitting with me in the pain space.
5. Reversed. Dreamscape. Dream Work, Subconscious, Imagination. --> Good to know since I've asked him to do dreams with me, and he hasn't. I'll respectfully stop asking AND be confident it's not my imagination at work when I interact with him.
6. Throat Portal. Speak Your Truth, Courage. --> Known: I have a tendancy to try to find a way to make things the way someone wants to hear it.
7. Reversed. Illumination. Expression, Positivity & Joy, Inspiration.-->Silence; He's a show, don't tell type.
8. Heart Portal. Receptivity, Generosity, Mistrusting. --> Yep. I'm a bit naive. That's fair.
9. Destiny. Passion. --> Also good to know. Not that I ever doubted this one took things seriously.

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