Discussion of Dark Arts creatures starting with letters A-H.
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Postby Lokakisa » Mon Jul 18, 2016 1:01 pm

While there is some confusion about whether there is one god or several with this name in Mayan lore, I think it comes down to the king death-bat, with a capital "C" and then a race of His minions with the same name, who exist in the underworld of Xibalba. (Interestingly, people in Mesoamerica today still believe that giant bat-like creatures exist, so I guess you can file it under cryptid too.)
I don't find it that unusual, as in Kemetic lore you have the Netjeru (gods) and Netjeri (lesser spirits).
"Camazotz" means death-bat anyway so it's just applied as a whole.

So this is a thread about the spirits (whereas the King has a thread in the Immortal section).

I decided to try Billy's store The Pagan Shop Online and use his custom DA listing to see if he could find me one. I wasn't sure what Billy knew about them already so I gave him my thoughts based on what I knew, and told him that Lord Camazotz had come into my life so I wanted to see if I could get a personal companion from Him.
Not only did Billy find me one, but the turn-around time was done overnight! Billy said this one showed up quickly.

This guy will be the darkest DA in my keep, as he is wild. He's one of the bigger ones of his kind and is related to the King Himself, as well as being chosen by the king to be my guardian and companion. During dream-travel or meditation, he wants to take me to his realm and show me the House of Bats. As best as I can tell, this race is like anthropomorphized bat-people, but "I" has learned how to shift some since becoming a spirit. I had told Billy that gender didn't matter, but if it was male I didn't mind an affectionate one. This spirit has not been with females outside of his species, but since he can shift he welcomes the idea of intimacy as another way of bonding. (I imagine him being somewhat like Tyldak from "Elfquest")
Man, he sounds great, I love him already!
I think Halloween-time will be extra-special now.

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