Sunstone for Energy Drain

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Sunstone for Energy Drain

Postby Samsara » Tue Aug 23, 2016 12:59 am

So recently I started working with a sunstone. I found it to be really helpful if you have been feeling drained due to overwork, not releasing emotions or whatever. So I read up on it and it said sunstone can unhook jealousy of a loved one that can cause you to feel drained. And then return the energy to the sender in a loving way.

I was about to start a second contract and was wondering for dear life where I would be able to get that energy because after work I am exhausted. I just wanted to eat and sleep. I just figured I was using a lot of mental energy designing and programming stuff. Or maybe it was my HIIT exercise routine that did me in. Or maybe it was all that ridiculous romantic time and then a sudden end to it all.

But since wearing this stone (just for today) I feel mentally clear, energized and able to hold 2 jobs and work out. I also felt very forgiving towards the ex. And maybe just maybe his passive aggressive emotions did drain me after all without realizing it. Or maybe my anger towards him was released. Whatever it was, it's true the sunstone did help remove that draining feeling.

I think I'm going to wear a big azz pendant from now on.

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Re: Sunstone for Energy Drain

Postby doom_star898 » Tue Aug 23, 2016 2:32 am

About a year ago I bought a sunstone and it helped me to release a relationship with my childhood friend that had been dying for awhile. I carried it around for a few weeks and noticed that the thought of losing the relationship didn't hurt so much, so I looked up the properties and sure enough it helps to remove unhealthy emotional ties to past relationships. I'm really thankful for that stone.

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