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Postby MagickalMenagerie » Wed Dec 21, 2016 11:06 am


Hello Ladies and Gents!
We are looking to get more involved on the forums, as we have quite a few friends and customers here and want to share in the conversation!

Magickal Menagerie is a business that started offline in late 2012 and has been growing steadily ever since! We do most of our business online and ship internationally, but are also open in the Atlanta, GA area for readings and Spiritual Counseling sessions.

Magickal Menagerie is owned and operated by Carmen Laughlin and Curtis Keisler, two ordained pagan spiritualists and clergy.
We offer the following:
[*] Living Entity Connections
[*] Spirit Connections
[*] Personal Readings
[*] Entity Readings
[*] Spellwork
[*] Enchantments
[*] Holistic Counseling Sessions
[*] Charging Stones, Ports, and Bags
[*] Incense and Herbs
[*] Workbooks and Kits
[*] Instructional Sessions
[*] And more!

We have one of the largest varieties in the paranormal and our store is constantly growing, evolving, and becoming better by the day. We are constantly seeking ways to improve the relationship between the living and those in the otherworld, and want to bring joy and happiness to the earth through the joys of Spirit Companionship.
This has long been something that has enriched our lives, and the business itself started after doing summoning, evocation, and invocation sessions for friends earlier in life. We honed our skills, got more adventurous, and discovered that this could be a way to help others. It has been our sole project since its inception, and is now a full-time commitment for both of us.
We are passionate about the paranormal, and feel a deep love for the community that it has given birth to.

Please feel free to join us and explore to your heart's content! If you have questions, you can always email us!
Make sure to join our email list too, as we usually run amazing flash sales.
Website: http://magickalmenagerie.com/
Webstore: http://magickalmenageriestore.biz/
Tumblr: http://magickalmenagerie.tumblr.com/
E-Mail: magickalmenagerie@gmail.com
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