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Re: Lisa - real_magick

Post by lolaberry »

Regholdain wrote:I had a spirit guide ask me to go to Lisa to request a special binding for three new protective spirits - a black dragon, and two gargoyles - because using a different practitioner "could be problematic" and Lisa "had abilities that would be helpful" in the conjuring. Mind you, before this I had never used MMT ever, and this was my first order and conversation with Lisa.

My spirit guide specified the gargoyles would be "like twins" and would be highly specialized in abilities uncommon (she did specify what those were). My spirit guide also said she would approach Lisa and ensure the proper spirits she has in mind were pointed out during the conjuring. She said the black dragon already knew me from a past life and would jump at the opportunity to protect me.

Lisa responded quickly to my explanation of the situation and agreed it would be no problem. I gave her the name of my spirit guide and the custom conjuration went smoothly. She commented that working with my guide was very smooth and she pointed the dragon and gargoyles out very clearly.

These three guys are fairly quiet and all business and have some very odd personalities, but they are working well with my spirit guide and my protection team overall.

It was a very smooth and rewarding experience and I was very impressed with the results. I highly recommend Lisa.
I adore my black dragon from Lisa , he does insist I keep his vessel close by me at all times, he was a CC. He is not very social but loves to be close to me and takes no-one messing with me \./

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Re: Lisa - real_magick

Post by Soltari »

Just today recieved my first order from Lisa.
Excellent customer service, detailed information, even the box the order arrived in is something I'll keep - very fitting to the order.

I've only just begun bonding, but N very much let me know they were there. Extremely pleased with the whole process and Lisa has a repeat customer in me.

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Re: Lisa - real_magick

Post by Muse »

I had a few highly specific custom orders from Lisa and, after taking a few days to feel their energies and welcome them into the family I feel it's time I gave her this well deserved (mostly) positive review.

Let me start by saying two small critiques:

1. Her responses can be short and sweet. Some people may take this as her being cold or distant, so for those that expect grand conversations with the seller, she may prove slightly shocking in her response "quality".

On the bright side, she very rarely took more than seven days to respond, so you know you'll get an answer on the same week you sent the message. Most days she answered within 72 hours so, communication times are beautiful.

2. The information that came with the Spirits was majority-copied from the listing on the website. The only unique information presented in the pdf's was the name, and sometimes included age, a basic less than ten word description of appearance, and/or maybe three or four words about personality.

(I say sometimes because one of my beings came with no appearance description for example)

I've seen sellers that provide no more than a name so I'm not at all complaining, but again, this may be shocking to others who are used to large amounts of information. I wasn't too bothered with the basics since the visuals I did get was enough to build a Foundation, personally speaking.

Now then, onto the full review ~

I ordered four custom conjures from Lisa, all of which were requested to be of darker energy, understanding of my practice, and have natures that are either agreeable if not similar to my moral code. These are my experiences with them up until this point...

Omnipotent Emperor Neb Djinn (H):

My first Spirit that I ever began working with was a Royal Phylum djinn, and I wanted to see what it would be like to work with other higher class Djinn as well as give my long time partner someone who may understand her and provide a form of friendship if not other bonding. Having another Djinn who can basically do nearly anything is also fun, especially since I can learn a lot from them and those under their command.

"H" was who stepped forward. According to Lisa, he was the darkest Neb Djinn she'd ever had the pleasure of meeting. Lesser only to gods, this guy can basically do it all and then some --- and I stand to attest to that fact. Within only a few days of knowing H, he's aided me (along with some others I work with) in collecting thousands of dollars seemingly out of nowhere for a surgical procedure I was in desperate need of. He's been a constant source of warmth and strength as well, and has even appeared in my dreams (in fact they all had) upon the first night's arrival.

I have much to learn about him, and much more to learn from him, but his first manifestation was so clear to me that i simply had to boast about it here. The sheer force He has goes above and beyond Lisa's price range, and I couldn't be happier to have been paired with him.

Were-vamp (K):

My first Spirit was actually a Hybrid, being vampiric as well, and so I wanted to explore more of the Vampiric side of things and who better to welcome home than one of the "purest" vampiric races to exist?

Meet K, an "original" race of vampire from the Carpathian mountains who is above all and before everything - badass. As soon as he was bound I felt the energy around the entire apartment shift into this cooling, calming state. He himself is quite morbid and funny in a very twisted way, which of course, means he's of a deliciously dark nature as well. He has also offered to aid in protection, amongst other things, which is very kind of him.

As said above, he too was in my dreams. He and the Djinn, along with the two below were busy redecorating the apartment. They appear to be forceful individuals, as they are often trying to push me out of my comfort zone. Not that I mind, whatever it is they're doing is clearly out of a place of care, so I'm excited to see what other dream Adventures await us.

I also feel the need to mention that I saw a woman in the dream, who I've seen in past dreams. I'm uncertain if she's a Spirit guide, a. companion, a past life relationship, or someone else entirely, but the fact that she was interacting with them and enjoying herself made me happy. Whoever she was, I'm hoping it's a good sign that the group gets along with her. I take her presence to mean good things to come, so I count it as a positive and thus, necessary to include in a review.

King Guardian Dragon (R):

I've always wanted to work with dragons but I never quite found the dragon that called out to me the most. That is until I saw Lisa's guardian dragons, and through email and a nice sum of money, I was able to be introduced to R.

R is a Guardian Dragon, meaning he's basically my super serious body guard. Not only that but he's not too far from being considered black arts, which some might consider intimidating, but I find comforting. As it means he will not hesitate to act in my defense and do so with armies of vengeance. He's the most rad Dragon I've ever read about, and has already warded and shielded nearly everything and everyone. Even going so far as to ward doorknobs and toilet paper. Basically anything that is my [his] territory, is protected. Including me, and I couldn't be happier.

As if that wasn't enough, I asked Lisa if the guardian dragon who stepped forward could have Maroon Dragon traits (Red × Black Dragon Hybrids) and guess what? He's got the abilities of both a red Dragon and a black dragon to boot and has already displayed them by allowing money to flow easier, making my side business more successful, and (possibly) securing a job promotion all in less than a month --- plus, someone tried to give me a random christmas present in January out if nowhere lol!
(I refused out of politeness)

Lisa's work is so potent and the beings she finds are truly one of a kind, but there's still one more to brag about.

Empusa (E):

I always, always, always felt called to work with an Empusa but never really felt comfortable getting one from any of the sellers I'd already bought from. I knew I'd want to get the binding from someone with a plethora of positive reviews, as well as someone who barely ever was spoken badly about, so while looking over the options above I added my request for an Empusa last minute and was pleasantly surprised with who stepped forward!

"E" is a delight, very eager to please (and be pleased) and more than vocal about what she wants and when she wants it. I haven't been able to truly spend time in social circles with her, but she has vocalized that she's happy to enchant on my behalf if it means enjoying people with me --- as someone who's polyamorous this seems like a win to me so long as people aren't being harmed, so I'm all for this arrangement. Even though I haven't been able to flirt much in clubs due to a mix of medical issues and work overload, I have seen a lady friend who stops by sometimes and the Male I spend time with is definitely more touchy lately. So there's that!

I'm sure the more I spend time with her the more things will begin manifesting smoothly but it has been less than a month and we're still getting to know each other, so I don't expect too much in the early stages. In fact I might be overwhelmed if several people began approaching me out of nowhere. So I'm thankful for the solitary playfulness and occasional confidence boosts. Even now I can feel her playing with my hair and causing little shivers, and I'm not usually one to feel such things so easily.

Overall Lisa was a joy to work with, she finished my order a week earlier than predicted and provided such amazing friends who have such powerful manifestations that leave no room for doubt or fear. As someone with Borderline Personality Disorder (enjoy that cool animation), the importance of such presences and consistent confidence boosts does not go unappreciated whatsoever. I'd dare say they've not only improved my spiritual path but my overall life as well. I can't wait to spend more time with them, and I plan on buying from Lisa in the future. ♡♡♡ Thank you for the opportunity to make such amazing new friends, Lisa!!

"Do what you can, when you can, and avoid the unnecessary."
- Muse

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Re: Lisa - real_magick

Post by InfernalNachos »

It's good to have you back, Muse. And those descriptions fall in line with what I've experienced from her bindings as well

I've fought this off as well, but due to the fact that I have purchased more than a few services from her since my initial, I am allowed to drop another review.

My second purchase was in early December of a completely open CC. What stepped through was a master Celtic vamp. Solid surprise. She is much more subtle than my other companions and probably a bit busy with other business (she is a master, after all...) but that's not the point. Her vessel is still stuck in Mexico city. I mentioned not too long ago and she has offered to recall and rebind. I offered to pay for the new vessel (insisted actually) but she would not have it.

Then there was the luck and money and reclaim lost ability enchantments. These I opted to have sent to my sister so that I could have them shipped to me via my carrier of choice (she only ships USPS, which is literally my only complaint) to avoid mishaps. These bindings, unfortunately, never made it to everyone either. My sister claimed one and suggested we give the other to our mother (I am a halfway house for all things, I swear it).

The most she took to ever answer me was just over 72 hours. And she acknowledged this and offered the reason behind it.

I have received both the short, curt descriptions and long drawn out ones.

I keep trying to branch out from CH and MMT, but it's hard. They provide a product and customer service level that keeps me coming back.

Lisa defo has a repeat customer in me.

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Re: Lisa - real_magick

Post by Huffdamagicdragon »

I just got a ring from Lisa with 7 very powerful vampires. I look forward to taking them to work with me. There is an Elder Vampire, Master Strigoi Vampire, Master Balkin, Master Carpathian, Master Were-Vamp, Queen Baobhan Sith and Queen Manananggal Vampire bound to the ring. Huffette told me they had been visiting here way before I saw their listing.

wayyy too many in my keep to count let alone list
mostly djinn and dragons though

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Re: Lisa - real_magick

Post by ASTER »

I have very nice experiences with Lisa too. I usually look for something that CH hasn't got. Like my Elder Neb, Radiant Light Khodam, Emotional Well-being Combo, a Pearl Dragon and my Elder Guardian Dragon, Were-Snow Tiger, Puma Totem, Siberian Tiger and my Cherokee Medicine Woman.

They are all very special and very close to my heart. I can easily see them and often appear them to me. Lately I have been totally sidetracked with my discovery of my spirit guides and starseed origins. Yet, I recognise my companions still coming around me and show themselves.

Lisa is very nice and her customs are really worth buying for great discounts.

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