Help with starting to open my third eye

Need help learning how to Meditate? Know any tricks on how to achieve it? Post here!
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Re: Help with starting to open my third eye

Postby Beaux » Wed Oct 30, 2019 12:18 pm

Well said and y’all have really done a great job explaining how things work. It’s kinda on the line of, if all your thinking about is seeing something through your third eye, your trying to bypass all that it takes to actually get to that point. I’m several months in, everyday for a hour, sometimes 2xs a day. I have had a few experiences where, I felt like I was given a glimpse, but I find myself doubting it. (Something else working on. Lol) But from everything you read, people that have access, it takes time, make your intentions known as you meditate and don’t overthink it. It may take some a lot longer than others, but when it happens, it’ll be that much more special. To me, it’s such a spectacular thing, why would anyone give up on a chance to experience such a thing. And in the grand scheme of things, what’s a year or two, when the rewards will be what they are:/ Meditation is a great practice anyway, so your not spending that time wasteful anyway. Just got on this sight and already getting long winded. Lol.

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Re: Help with starting to open my third eye

Postby LiveNobody » Wed Nov 27, 2019 1:13 pm

This post is kinda old but I'll give my 2 cents anyway for people still struggling with opening their third eye.

Honestly, there are so many different techniques that you can use to enhance and open your third eye, some are more powerful than others. I have been meditating for about 2 months, though my vessel / spirit only got here just over a week ago, and have been using a few techniques in order to try and open my third eye. Only a day or two ago I came across a method on youtube known as the "THOH" Method which is used to open your third eye. After doing this method (which only takes about 5 minutes then you move onto training your third eye) I could feel lot of vibrations and pressure on my third eye instantly after completing the method. If you'd like to take a look at this method I'll link it here: ... ittersweet

The Youtuber does mention that this is very powerful, so be sure to do research so you know what you're doing before attempting this method. You only have to do this for 5 days (Currently I'm on my second day and have felt more vibrations and pressure on my third eye than ever before) but after that you still need to do third eye training exercises to develop it. Simple visualisation, what I do is go from the numbers 1 - 10, ensuring that I can see every number in my mind before moving onto the next one.

Also, if you don't already I would suggest making a meditation journal, just so that you can log your experiences of what you feel, sense and any other details that may be out of the ordinary. I also like doing this cause it also helps me realise that I'm making progress :)

Anyway hope this helps! Good luck with everyone opening their third eye!

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