Rosemary Spray

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Rosemary Spray

Postby Opelia Rendon » Sun Jun 11, 2017 7:20 am

Good evening everyone.

I just (very recently) fell in love with Rosemary.

Besides smelling like a kick a** minty peppery smell, it brings with it cleansing from stress, protection from malicious spirits/negative energies/hexes/curses/magic casted against you unknowingly, good night's rest + calming, protection from just growing it, drought hardy (so us not so green thumbed can care for it) and when you grow them it's also supposed to attract faeries as well.

What I like to do is trim a small piece and immerse that cutting with a crystal elixir for about an hour, no longer or it will rot.The water will smell like Rosemary, not overpowering at all, but not too faint either. The cuttings can then be used or dried for other spell/ritual usage, consider the 1 hour soak as a way of washing the herb.

Depending on your choice of spell or intention you can make a butt kicking spray for protection or whatever purpose by combining the crystals into the elixir previously, to kick the spell or intentions up a notch. What I like to do then is pour the water into a spray bottle, drop a small piece of clear quartz inside and cast a spell. You don't even have to cast a spell for it to protective or calming. When spritzing it in your room or on yourself you can feel a slight change for the better. And now you have a Rosemary spray to knock your socks off. 1ak

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