Handmade offering

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Handmade offering

Postby Opelia Rendon » Sun Jul 16, 2017 4:26 am

Good evening.

I didn't know that today was a birthday for my Courtwind Angel until I looked in my planner, one that I hardly look at. I made a quick crochet bracelet from pastel gold, pink and purple yarn with a brown button. I plan to cast some sort of spell on it then burn it.

I am Asian American, in my culture, we sometimes burn paper money to the lonely/hungry ghosts that are supposed to roam the world. The ghosts/spirits can then use then money in the "presumed" underworld (hell or the great beyond, depends on who you ask) to purchase food, drinks or whatever they want - in hopes that they grant us a small amount of good luck or just to be nice in general. This is also how one would show their respects to one's ancestors as well.

My main point is that although I'm not burning this bracelet into (hell or where ever) but does anyone think that if I do this and could the bracelet will pop into the Astral/Spiritual realm? I think I can and it will work; but I also want an outsider's view.

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Re: Handmade offering

Postby darkwing dook » Sun Jul 16, 2017 6:00 am

Mmm? But they don't burn real money as an offering, right? I remember that burning real money e.g. dollar, yuan, etc is considered bad luck, thus they use faux money called ghost money or hell money. There was a time when people also burned papier mache in the shape of luxurious cars, mansion/villa, and even dolls representing beautiful women as offerings.

Thus, there might be something in the faux money or papier mache, e.g. some sigil, symbol, or talisman etc., that allows them to manifest in that realm : )

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