The Rosequartz Labyrinth. My experience.

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The Rosequartz Labyrinth. My experience.

Postby Thefacebetween » Wed Aug 30, 2017 9:29 pm

Hello everyone and thank you for reading my review.

I have bought a few attunements in the past, some might have worked, some others I felt nothing. In my life right now I'm currently searching for more spiritual enlightenment and clarity and health and of course a better connection to the spiritual world that is around us.

I heard about The Rosequartz Labyrinth here on CH, and I'm always looking for neat and interesting things. What caught my eye on their website was the Divine ki Attunement, among other things.

I thought wow this could be a very valuable tool in my Arsenal in gaining more of a spiritual awakening, and maybe even bring more Health to my mind and my body in the process.

So I purchased the Attunement and Charles was very fast to email me. He was very prompt and working out a scheduled time for performing the Attunement that worked for both of us.

He included in nice manual in PDF form very informative to read before I had it done. Which I'm re-reading again tonight as well.

We scheduled it for today Wednesday. After I got home from work I sent him an email telling him I was home and boom he sent one right back to me saying what time he will start. I changed into something comfortable sat down in a comfortable position like how I do when I meditate.

At first it was the typical mind chatter and imagery and a little few tidbits of daily life intruding, but then I started to feel a fullness inside of me from my belly to my chest then to my face to my lips very hard to describe.

The Mind chatter stopped I felt a gentle swaying in my head and body and it did grow more pronounced. I felt so relaxed like I was sinking into my carpet, near the end I was seeing movement behind my closed eyes.

I was also seeing a golden light, have you ever sat in a room full of bright natural sunlight and it Shined through your eyelids filling your visual awareness with a golden Glow?

That's kind of what I was seeing, as I was coming out of it I almost feel like I couldn't move, I didn't really want to. Was probably the most deepest meditation I've ever had and I've always had trouble with it. Intruding thoughts and what not.

After it was done Charles sent me an e-mail with a very detailed description of what he saw and felt about me and instructions about the Attunement.

Here's something very interesting, he told me that my aura had a golden color to it. When I read that it struck me, that golden color.. That Golden Light I saw while he was doing the Attunement.

I very well could have saw my own aura.. Which is a very amazing thought to me and something I will cherish.

I felt very clear headed and wonderful afterwards. Felt really great and I'm so happy I had it done and what a fully recommend it to anybody else. I still feel really great and positive in mood and body right now.

Thank you Charles I will definitely be buying from you again.

Thank you for reading everybody.

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Re: The Rosequartz Labyrinth. My experience.

Postby Violeta » Mon Sep 10, 2018 2:54 am

Thefacebetween thank you for this review as Divine Ki interest me too.

If you have time to answer some questions that would be great.

Do you still feel benefited until this day, from having your Divine Ki attunement last year? do you do something like meditation to access it? how does it feel nowadays since from your first encounter? does it grows stronger on you as time goes on?

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Re: The Rosequartz Labyrinth. My experience.

Postby Luv_trinity » Fri Oct 12, 2018 7:50 pm

Do you have a link to her site?

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Re: The Rosequartz Labyrinth. My experience.

Postby Nil » Sat Oct 13, 2018 5:06 am

Luv_trinity wrote:Do you have a link to her site?

I am not sure if I can link the shop here but this is a seller's review place and it is funny both this thread and his review thread do not have a link to the shop 2dz . If i am not allowed to post links then can mods removed it?

First of all, Charles is a "he". I am not sure if he wears a skirt though :X it would be fun to watch but Charles is a he :)

That is the link to his shop and the service that was mentioned by the guy giving review is this one...

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