Succubus Manifestation

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Succubus Manifestation

Postby Psychedelicas » Wed Nov 08, 2017 10:32 am

Has anyone ever experienced a physical materialization of a succubus ? I think Ive been indirectly drawing A Succubi attention and im curious about as to how interaction works . Like do i literally offer perdonal energy to sustain a personal relationship or is this something generated as mutually beneficial through the sexual relation? I know they are not purely sex objects there is too much to learn from such an entity which is where my curiosity comes . Albeit spiritual sex or phydical in that manner would definiteky be incredible and has been of what astral experience ive slready had . But i am interested in the possibility of physical manifestation of course . Can the same happen as well with a Nympho and is anyone a firsthander ? Thanks for your help

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Re: Succubus Manifestation

Postby Markus8663 » Thu Nov 09, 2017 2:03 am

Hi Psych
I have had a relationship with I believe 3 for over a month now. 1 Succubi and 2 Inccubus. Started in the night but most manifestations are stronger during the day, at work especially. They have their own times for contact and different power levels.Personal relationships are just that and one on one.So different for each succubi and the human person involved so you may not get a physical materialization.
Physical interaction after 4 weeks is becoming very strong, feeling hands, gentle rocking and pushing or nudging me. Contact for me has been amazing and I believe that my third eye is now working as I can just stop and meditate and have contact within a few seconds with little effort. Mine are unbound and without a formal ceremony just a very strong intent and request to Lilith.
Happy to answer more direct questions if you have any but your intent needs to be genuine rather than just a fanciful thing as I do not believe that succubi entertain our own little lusts unless they are bound and helpless. they haev their own reasons and are happy to build a relationship if it suits there needs as well.
That's just my personal take on my own personal experiences and everyone as I said will be different as to how they interact and believe that things work with their succubi. All in all its a journey - be open and honest with yourself and with them. Be aware - they know absolutely everything about you and your deepest darkest secrets, even ones you may not consciously know or register yourself so it can be a shock and confrontational on many levels. Markus

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