She's here.....? Female ancient Sanguine makes some noise

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She's here.....? Female ancient Sanguine makes some noise

Postby Taliessin » Tue Nov 21, 2017 9:03 pm


I paid off the "Vampire Kit " Layaway from CH and have been trying to bond with 'E', a 2000 year old Sanguine with Silver eyes and black hair......

She is described as being very dark, crafty and cunning, skilled in Ancient Vampiric Practices Chaos Magic and Mind Control. ...... :X

Anyway, I've been trying for several weeks to talk to her, leaving her in the Charging Box mostly and holding her vessel with a Feed Stone and Paring Stone at night mentally calling her name as I drift to sleep.

Usually, I just wake up with a snatch of conversation that I can't quite remember but I somehow "know" is perhaps cutting and from her and that's it.....

Last night, I was holding her vessel with Feeding/Pairing stone mentally calling and trying to visualise a Silver-eyed vampire and I was woken by an incredibly loud "Whooshing Sound" literally like someone had let off a rocket indoors. .......!!!!!

So I'm wondering was this her, did she let me know about her presences at last and if can I build on this....?

2wk :feedback: :feedback:

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