Treasure Fleet Spell

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Treasure Fleet Spell

Postby lori67k » Sat Dec 09, 2017 10:12 pm

What you’ll need:

Toy boat
Representations of money/wealth
Money drawing incense
Green candle

STEP 1: Get a small or medium sized toy boat. I prefer a wooden ship, but a plastic toy one can also work.

Make sure it's one that you can put things in.

STEP 2: Fill it with play money, real coins, sparkling gems, sparkling beads, and crystals.

STEP 3: Strategically arrange the boat on your altar so that it's easy to visualize your ship arriving at your "home port".

The boat must be pointed TOWARDS you, not away from you.

STEP 4: Intensify the effect with green candle burning and money drawing incense.

STEP 5: While the candles burn, sit at your altar and visualize a real ship filled with treasure coming towards you at sea.

STEP 6: Once the candles have burned down, place a three of wands Tarot Card UNDER the boat, and leave it there until money finds you.

Many blessings 1ht

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