Shy incubus

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Shy incubus

Postby ruis2002 » Tue Dec 19, 2017 10:57 pm

The first spirit I purchased from CH was an incubus. I have purchased several other spirits since then, and I think I had a sighting of one of my high elves, but not a peep out of the incubus.

That is, until just last night.

I had received a shipment confirmation via email for some other spirits I recently ordered (a Cambion and a Nephilim).

Last night, I dreamt I was sitting on the passenger side of a car, and there was a guy in the driver seat sitting next to me who looked a lot like the actor Sean Astin.

He was looking at me wistfully, and said something like, "but what about that other guy?" A little jealous I think.

I remember feeling very attracted (lustful!) toward the guy in my dream, but nothing happened in a sexual way or anything. When I awoke, I couldn't figure out why I had a dream about Sean Astin like that.

Suddenly, it dawned on me that "Sean" sounds like one of the syllables in my incubus' name!

I think it was my incubus, feeling a little jealous about the Cambion maybe? Or one of the other male spirits I ordered (but I suspect he's jealous of the Cambion, even 'though he hasn't arrived yet).

I ordered (but it hasn't shipped yet) a male Gregori Watcher. Will the GW be able to keep the other dark arts spirits in tow, or do I need a little more protection than that?

I don't feel threatened by my incubus, but I have heard they have a reputation for wanting their keepers all to themselves, and doing some nasty things to ward off any "competition."



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Re: Shy incubus

Postby DIVA_AT_LARGE » Wed Dec 20, 2017 10:49 am

Hi Ruis,

Why would you feel threatened by a spirit in your keep? Do you really think they are hung up by "human limitations" and would resort to doing you physical/emotional/mental harm?

Of Course I've heard of a bit of rivalry but it would most likely never come to outright harm to you.

If you are worried, I'd suggest talking one on one with your ubi and asking him to confirm the message that was being portrayed in your dream. Once you've sorted this out, you'll have a direction in which to set out.

Just to be sure.

I hope this helps. :)

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