First contact before Vessal arrival?

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First contact before Vessal arrival?

Postby Roseflare » Sun Feb 04, 2018 2:35 am

Hello, I’ve just purchased my first djinn last week. I was drawn to the vessal and name of my djinn.
I’m somewhat clairvoyant (have been since I was young, but tried to avoid my power because of some scary interactions). I’ve decided to be brave now and try out a djinn.

Two days after my purchase, I was putting my daughter to sleep. The room is dark, there is only a little natural moonlight coming from the window. I started getting the feeling of being watched and noticed a glitter to the left of my daughters room between her closet and door.
I LOOK STRAIGHT AT IT! It didn’t disappear. It was a white/goldfish light form. It stayed for about 5 seconds then from bottom up disappeared.

I contacted the seller to ask if this was my djinn. He said yes, but wanted to ask others if this was normal?

Also, the day I received an email that she was shipped out. A pair of white/blueish eyes appeared last night when I was putting my daughter to sleep. The eyes blinked a few times then I got a wink.

Did your djinn visit you before you received the vessel? What is the next step I should take to bond with her?

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Re: First contact before Vessal arrival?

Postby darkwing dook » Sun Feb 04, 2018 9:08 pm

Yep, it is possible that the spirit/entity that you've chosen visit you before the order is completed.

Next step is to verify if the seller has specific ritual for welcoming/invoking that spirit/entity. If not, you can do normal welcoming ritual and perhaps meditate with the vessel for 15 minutes or so to get used to the binding energy, and try to communicate or see/hear/feel the companion.

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