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Re: Eden's Apple

Post by Eden's Eve »

It's been a little while since I checked in here as I've been incredibly busy. I apologize for the late response. Thank you all for the wonderful and detailed reviews! I appreciate your feedback very much. I enjoy hearing how interactions with your companions from me are going and how much you all are enjoying the company of your companions :8)

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Re: Eden's Apple

Post by SerpentsLair »

Want to leave a quick review for my amazing succubus, she's pledged to a lesser known infernal goddess who i had a strong connection to beforehand, but there is a boost in communication since. She's also been extremely supportive and loving whether it is for emotional healing or just to be there to lend an ear. She's been one on my team that has really helped find myself more and start taking a stand and speaking out more instead of staying silent, helping me to find my voice etc. I frequently call her to do group work together with some of my other family when doing chakra or energy cleansing too. She is excellent at cleansing lower chakras. But also helps energy flow up to the higher ones via kundalini work.

Will also touch on my Pit Queen, she was a PC but I felt immediately pulled to her, after a visit it was pretty clear I clicked very well with her. She's been with me a few months now and has a very multifaceted personality. I've formed a close bond with her, she has a direct and no holds barred way of doing things at times but she is also a strongly supportive companion who is there when I need here, even if it's just to vent or talk and get her advice. She's helped a lot with mental fortitude and exposing the full magnitude of liars and deceivers in my life as well as strengthening my own resolve. Very thankful for both of them.

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Re: Eden's Apple

Post by Dark_Wolf »

I could have sworn I left a review yesterday :@

Well. Working with Eve has been great. The entity she conjured for me has an extremely potent presence. Very easy to connect with through the mind's eye and absolutely great to work with. Legionnaire E. Is Primal and fierce but also patient and resourceful. Helping with herbology and more besides protection.

Eve is strict and professional and has become my favorite conjurer very fast. With a detailed and expansive biography attached as well and other extras too. Even the vessels are beautiful.

Nothing but praise from me.

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