7 Day Magick Orange of Energy

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7 Day Magick Orange of Energy

Postby lori67k » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:10 am

This spell will help you get rid of 1 problem or attract 1 desire over the next 7 days.
It can be any problem or desire you wish, so long as you're not hurting anyone else...

What you’ll need:

An Orange - the healthier the better
A Needle
Red Ribbons

STEP 1: Choose a beautiful, healthy orange.

STEP 2: Carefully use a needle to pierce it with holes: only pierce through the skin of the orange, not the underlying fruit.

STEP 3: Stick a clove into each hole. So, at the end you'll have cloves covering the orange.

STEP 4: As you are place the cloves, focus on the problem you want to banish, or the desire you want to attract. Feel the emotions you'll experience when you've gotten the results...

Focus on how it will FEEL when that problem is out of your life...or you receive your deepest desire.

STEP 5: Roll the orange in orrisroot and ground cinnamon.

STEP 6: Tie it up with red ribbons and hang it anywhere in your house for 7 days, as you go about your life.

Many Blessings 1ht

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