Cold Hard Truths

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Cold Hard Truths

Postby creepyhollows » Wed Mar 07, 2018 3:12 pm

I really hate making posts like this because it means there is drama in the community. Neither Ash or I participate in drama, we don't like drama, and there are a million better & more productive things to be doing.

We have addressed these issues so many times, and yet these rumors continue to circulate, so for the 100th time in the last 17 years this site has been around, I have to re-address these issues.

#1 - CH vs anyone

We've been around longer than any other site & practitioners related to Spirit Keeping, and we've always advertised for other sellers from day 1. So any kind of disparaging remark that we are at war with another seller, or that we are upset that another seller is "stealing" customers, is ridiculous. If that was an issue, we wouldn't advertise for other sellers! We have an entire section of the site set up for sellers to advertise. Please, use some common sense. If you're advertising here, and we welcome other sellers to advertise, then you can't be "stealing" customers, we're promoting you to them! This is singularly the most trafficked website related to Spirit Keeping, we know that, we love the community, and we support community efforts for the betterment of us all. So stop the hate, it's ugly, and it's not going to help you.

#2 - CH is...

It's understandable that the word "CH" is used in a general context, but "CH" doesn't mean Ash or myself specifically. Time & time again we see people write "CH is doing this, CH is doing that". No, we're not. If Ash or I are doing something, it's going to have OUR names on it. If you mean "CH" as the forum, then you really need to drill that down & be specific to the user, because "CH" as a forum can't do anything, it's a piece of software. And "CH" as Ash or myself is going to have our names attached to it, just like this thread has my name attached to it. So stop blaming "CH" for things, and instead actually pinpoint who or what is responsible,they're grown adults, they can handle their own responsibilities. It's disrespectful to blame an entire forum for something specific users are doing.

#3 CH is going to...

Ash & I are no shrinking violets when it comes to making announcements, we have a daily newsletter for Pete's sake, so if there's any major announcement that affects this community or our shop, it's going to come from us. I realize that being as popular as we are that there's going to be talk & rumor, but bear in mind that we have probably more communication outlets than most sites; Forum, newsletters, text messaging service, mobile phone app, etc. So if there's an announcement to be made about anything going on at CH, it's going to come from us. We send out between 7-10 communications a week (if you subscribe to them all), so you're going to have PLENTY of information related to what we're up to & what's coming in the future.

The bottom line is this, hate is ugly, there's no place for it, use common sense, and instead of spending time being a troll or troublemaker, why not use that time to better yourself, to build yourself up, to spread positive power, and to grab every moment of life.

CH is, was, and always will be a place that promotes acceptance and positive empowerment for everyone who believes in the supernatural and wants a safe haven to belong.

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Re: Cold Hard Truths

Postby Likes2Read » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:14 pm

The most highly-decorated police officer in Philadelphia's history, whose son I happened to go to grade school with, told his son this: "The higher up the flagpole you go, the more people are going to take shots at your <backside>."

This happens even when there is really no earthly good reason for them to take the potshots at the person who's up there. It's one of the aspects of human nature that I find inexplicable, even while I acknowledge that yes, it exists (whether I understand it or not) and some people will do these things.

With CH being the oldest and largest, best-known name in the spirit-keeping community, there are always going to be some people taking those potshots. They might have no earthly good reason for doing so, as the success of CH does not negatively impact them in any way, but humans are what we are and some humans are going to do this.

The best any of us can do, if we hear negative talk about ANY seller, is do our research. Many sellers have some form of forum, social media presence, or chat now, along with having an online shop. Watch what the proprietors do and how they interact and treat people. Watch what the people raising the complaint(s) do and how THEY interact and treat people. It's never wrong to do your homework before making a purchase, anyway, so being observant will help you determine if the problem (if it exists at all) lies with the proprietor, the complainant, or both, or neither (if it was just a simple misunderstanding).

In the case of CH, I recommend bringing any questions or issues right to the Help Desk. Getting answers directly from the source will always be the best bet.

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