On Patience and How to be Patience

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Re: On Patience and How to be Patience

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darkwing dook wrote: One way is to distinguish between information and choice. Not all information gives actual choice for everyone. E.g. as information, we know there's a beach in Ibiza where people go to have drinks, dance, and whatnot. It doesn't mean everyone who find this information can choose to go there or not. And it's not only about money.
I was more thinking about seeking some knowledge, not really info about practical stuff like that.
For example, knowledge about spirits, finding out the best possible meditation technique for you as an individual, information about best spells and rituals, best for you...
When you are entering into some subject/field which is new to you, completely or very little explored from your side, it's ok to check everything you can find in this huge knowledge "library" this world offers, to see if it resonates with you, how it resonates, and to find out what suits you the most.
And that process could cause the lack of patience of course, on the way i have mentioned in the previous post. :)

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