Ubi keeping me up

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Re: Ubi keeping me up

Postby Likes2Read » Fri Jun 22, 2018 2:10 am

conxtion wrote:The way to deal with malevolent humans and malevolent spirits are the same:
1. Final warning
2. Re-home
3. Banish
4. Kill

Unfortunate but frequent situation - happy school kids, fellow school kid come with a couple of Uzis and starts killing kids, police come, they kill the shooter. Humans kill malevolent humans everyday somewhere in the world, you should treat malevolent spirits the same way. Just follow the order above, and hope it doesn't come to step 4. Mosques, churches, temples do this all the time.

Yes, malevolent spirits get banished without a second thought. Yes, malevolent humans get sent packing or worse, without a second thought. But you were not referring to some random malevolent spirit. You were referring to a member of the OP's spirit family.

When you disagree with a relative who lives under your roof, do you immediately resort to evicting them or killing them if giving them a stern talking-to doesn't work?

I am not convinced that you are not trolling. You have already admitted to trying to get people worked up in another thread, so they would get mad and contradict you by posting alternative answers to yours. So if you were trying to stir up drama in that thread, there is no guarantee that you aren't trying to do the same here. No matter what you might be thinking, trust me when I say that the tactic of trying to anger people so they will post contradictions is not a viable solution. It results in threads getting locked and irrelevant posts archived.

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Re: Ubi keeping me up

Postby conxtion » Sat Jul 21, 2018 1:31 pm

L2R, I dunno what you are talking about.

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