Stone Kicker Spell

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Stone Kicker Spell

Postby lori67k » Sat Jul 14, 2018 9:09 pm

What you’ll need:
Small round stone

STEP 1: Find a small round stone that is just big enough to where you can kick it.

STEP 2: Visualize the stone as representing your biggest problem.

To do this think about your biggest problem...and all the pain it brings to your life.

While you have this in your mind, imagine it as a "black" energy that goes out of your head directly into the stone.

STEP 3: Bring the little rock into your home. As soon as you get inside put the little rock onto the floor.

STEP 4: Kick it gently through your home until it rolls under your bed. As you kick it visualize the rock as your problem...and "see" your problem slowly moving away from your life with each kick.

STEP 5: As you kick it, speak about your problem...and after every sentence, give the rock another kick and recite, "And you'll soon be gone!"

STEP 6: Leave the rock under your bed.

STEP 7: Your problem should begin to leave you as long as the rock is under your bed.

If the problem ever begins to come back, rejuvenate the spell by taking the rock outside, and starting the process over again from step 1.

Many blessings 1ht

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Re: Stone Kicker Spell

Postby niceprotonman » Tue Jul 24, 2018 4:11 pm

Interesting, and easily do-able, thank you.

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